Midnight Music: Billie – Give Me The Knife (Keeno Dub Mix)

Keeno keeps coming. This kid has a career that has soared in the last couple of years and I am so happy to watch it happen. He’s one of these impressively talented ones that also puts in crazy amounts of work, drops stuff on the internet to stream, tours & challenges himself musically. This has resulted in his tracks being what can only be described as straight fire. The variations in the way he expresses himself in the D&B space continue to amaze. This iteration includes a bass that almost weeps, while the the fast-slow crawls along. The soulful vocals match & give it a great netting of mid-range while it moves along. Nice way to round out the night, rest easy y’all, you made it past Wednesday. (via UKF Drum & Bass)

Midnight Music: Amy Steele – The Wolves (KOVEN. Remix)

Super glad I got tipped off to this by an old friend. I haven’t heard triumphant melodic dubstep like this in a while. While the chilltrap & chillstep movement has powered along, my awareness of that punchy dubstep sound has dropped off. This is a severe mistake which UKF has helped rectify. The growling bass &  echoing vocals are exactly what they need to be to make this vibe work in the unironic, almost triumphant way KOVEN. has been able to here. The duo have an awareness that I think deserves as much development as possible. The burbling dubstep shining against the vocals give me flashbacks to Marina & the Diamonds and Ms. Lily Allen. Get at these peeps.

Mix Of The Weekend: UKF Bass Culture 3!

This 13min teaser mix showed up on the UKF YouTube channel today. The quick, neat delightful compilation pulls tracks from Kove, Nero, Feed Me, Buku & a ton more. The mixing is top notch, with the tunes fired out as fast as you’d expect from UKF DJs. This reminder of the vast quality that the label puts out on a regular basis is nice, to the point and available everywhere. The 2 discs have insane amounts of quality, with tracks from Galantis, Pegboard Nerds, Fred V & Graffix, Netsky, Dimension, Noisia & that sweet London Grammar remix by ANDY C. Pick it up on iTunes, and hit up the full playlist on Spotify below!

Mix Of The Weekend: UKF Podcast #45 – Hybrid Minds

This weekend, I went digging for one of my favorite UKF podcasts from a bit earlier this year. Hybrid Minds is one of the best drum & bass groups you’ve probably never heard of. They put together some amazing tracks over the last couple of years, and I’m so glad that finally, they’re starting to get some exposure around the globe. To that end, check out this hour long mix they did for UKF, one of my favorite labels across the pond. Flipping between liquid, hard, and vocal drum & bass like they’re turning a dial on a radio (people still have radios right?), these guys deserve your attention. Hit em up & show some love on the Soundcloud, Facebook & Twitter if you agree.