Reborn By Rameses B [Chill/Euphoric Drum & Bass]


There is so much good work here I don’t know where to begin. My favorite song? Left Behind is my absolute favorite, with Years From Now, Ecosystem and Reborn following behind it. I was super glad to get this as a reward for helping crowd fund his new tech and this work. It felt good to listen to something I knew thousands of people had contributed to making happen. It’s a gorgeous album, with a bunch of styles executed well. I think the triumphant sound that Rameses B creates is something very few people do well. A lot of it is cheesy, some of it is badly sourced, and most people phone it in. Rameses B puts the time in, creating this almost decadent soundscape, that pulls you in and keeps you there. It was also my first LP from the guy, which was a delight, to just put on and forget about.  It’s linked on Bandcamp below, but don’t worry, I’ve got one more Rameses B post up my sleeve before the end of his week here on the site. Have a great day!

Rameses B Week Continues With Moonlight!

We’re over the hump! To celebrate, enjoy this classic Rameses B track from 2012. Moonlight was one of the first tunes I’d ever heard from him, it was one of those tunes that got me through a really bad place in 2012. You know those songs that find you in the darkness and remind you there’s still light in the universe? This is one of them. It makes you stop, listen, and remember. The crescendo build reaches a dizzying height at 3:44 and pulls you back into the crushingly beautiful chillstep that we’ve grown to love and expect from Rameses B. Enjoy the tune, grab the EP here,  and see everyone tomorrow for more Rameses B week!

Let The Week of Rameses B Begin!

This week, I decided to celebrate one of my very favorite producers, Rameses B. This modern-day master of all things production & sonic. This tune was pushed out today, but I’m going to be spending some time going back through his discography, and posting my favorite tunes of his. This track is quintessential Rameses B. A lush soundscape, tugging on the heartstrings with soothing vocals, B knows exactly what he’s doing, and every sound in this tune is exactly where it needs to be. The broken beats that show up 50 seconds in, pull you into a delightful, minimal liquid drum & bass track. For everyone who doesn’t know, thems be my jams. Check this thing out, and make sure to show the guy some love on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook  & Twitter. If there is any indie, underground artist that deserves your support, it’s this guy.

And yes, check back tomorrow for my next Rameses B feature!