The Prodigy Keep It Going With The Day Is My Enemy & Wild Frontier.

Because I’m your favorite internet music celebrity, I’ve got not one, but two new Prodigy singles for you. Wild Frontier brings in a classic amen break driven breakbeat track that screams remix. I’d make one myself if I wasn’t too busy shaking my ass to it. The Prodigy are certainly no strangers to hyping a new release, but these are my favorite kind of bread-crumbs. The Day Is My Enemy has a perfect mix of vintage Prodigy sounds and modern production values. You can almost hear The Glitch Mob in their vocal sampling, which could an homage to the way new producers are pushing being angry with female vocals these days. The red fox returns for a feature spot on the official video for The Day Is My Enemy, but in a different style than their first single. The music remains massive and if you told me The Prodigy paid to work with a drumline from a marching band I’d believe you. The drum work is perfect, backing up the syrupy smooth vocals in a way only The Prodigy can.