Nation, DC Superclub, A Photographic Memorial.

PLURI spent a couple of years haunting this nightclub just inside of the DC city limits. It was the places I saw The Prodigy, Astrix & plenty of other stupendous artists. Crippled by the RAVE Act, the previous super club (I’m talking 5 floors open on big nights) was still alive by the time I got there, with massive events & 2-3 concurrent areas of sound at even the smallest event. This was one of the great ones folks, and it was bulldozed to create the parking lot for The Nationals (baseball team) parking lot. Recently this set of pictures of Nation popped up on my feeds, so I wanted to take the time to share a little bit of my own history. This place was undeniably a pillar of the MD/DC/Mid-Atlantic dance music & rave community for years. Lots of places come & go, but a couple are special. Nation was special. To me anyway. Check out the whole set and show Travis Payne some love, as his Flickr stream is actually pretty legit.
The Breezeway 440,000 sq. ft.
Crystal Meth Sucks

Midnight Music: The Prodigy – Wild Frontier (Wilkinson Remix)

The remix game is just heating up when it comes to The Prodigy’s new album. The Day Is My Enemy is going to spawn a gigantic wave of bomb-ass remixes and this first volley is no exception. Wilkinson bursts out of the gate with this massive release on RAM Records. This is one of those tunes that you just kind of want to flip your hood up and get down with your bad self. It brings out some of the heart inside the amazing Wild Frontier track and adds a fresh dollop of big bass d&b on top of it. Get it now that it’s live on Beatport as well. If you’re into spinning D&B, this track is going to be a must-have this summer. Once The Prodigy starts to get into full swing, these kinds of reworkings are going to be worth their weight in gold. He who remixes best, will win. Now if we could only get The Prodigy to play somewhere on this side of the pond in 2015.

The Prodigy Keep It Going With The Day Is My Enemy & Wild Frontier.

Because I’m your favorite internet music celebrity, I’ve got not one, but two new Prodigy singles for you. Wild Frontier brings in a classic amen break driven breakbeat track that screams remix. I’d make one myself if I wasn’t too busy shaking my ass to it. The Prodigy are certainly no strangers to hyping a new release, but these are my favorite kind of bread-crumbs. The Day Is My Enemy has a perfect mix of vintage Prodigy sounds and modern production values. You can almost hear The Glitch Mob in their vocal sampling, which could an homage to the way new producers are pushing being angry with female vocals these days. The red fox returns for a feature spot on the official video for The Day Is My Enemy, but in a different style than their first single. The music remains massive and if you told me The Prodigy paid to work with a drumline from a marching band I’d believe you. The drum work is perfect, backing up the syrupy smooth vocals in a way only The Prodigy can.

Midnight Music: The Prodigy – Nasty [Violent Big Beat]

The Prodigy - The Day is the Enemy

It’s here! The first single on the new Prodigy album is here! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! They’re the best at what they do and they’re back. This punchy sound is exactly where it needs to be, while also upending some social order goodness lampooning the annual fox hunt thing the gentry in the UK have every year. This is them reminding the world they’re here, this is how to sound like that, and they can do it without truckloads of hardware. While some people have expressed being underwhelmed, this is is how they play. Any fan of The Prodigy know that their first release off of an album is usually a poppier, less aggressive choice. After Smack My Bitch Up became a nation-wide controversy, I’d imagine they may want to generate some furor, without being called terrorists. It’s a fine line when it comes to generating outrage vs. starting to be clamped down on, and The Prodigy have walked that line better than anyone. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this stuff, and if you grab the pre-order, you get the single tomorrow.

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Shogun

(In case you haven’t heard, Shogun’s new album is tremendous & he was able to answer a couple of questions for ElectronicNightLife. Enjoy!)

1. How was 2014 for DJ Shogun? Any cool stories or crazy experiences? It was a busy year for me, mostly finishing the album was my main focus. I bought my lambo, and ate Blowfish for the first time!

2. What made you stop and do a full length album this year? How long has this been in the making? It’s been in the making for four years. After so many singles and remixes, I wanted to put my main focus on making my album as good as possible so it felt right to really give people something special like an album.

3. Skyfire was such a massive favorite for so many trance fans in 2011/2012. Do you have a favorite memory or performance associated with that song after it became the huge hit that it deserved to be? I did my first sit down in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Skyfire. There was a crowd of 15-20k that all sat down and jumped up during the breakdown of Skyfire. That was an awesome sight to see.

4. Are you ever mistaken as a foreigner even though you’re an American DJ? Have you ever dealt with discrimination on the road or trying to make it? I’m pretty Americanized so I don’t run into discrimination that often. But I’ve had it happen once or twice, because even though I’m an American, I look Asian. It’s not a big deal though and it’s rare, a lot of my fans come to my shows are Asians so it’s all love.

5. You’ve mentioned that one of your influences is The Prodigy in interviews. Have you ever thought about remixing a Prodigy track? They are a big influence, I’d like to do a massive remix for ‘Firestarter’.

6. Do you feel it’s still necessary for producers to have training or experience playing conventional instruments? I think it always helps to get the creative juices flowing, but it’s not necessary. The most important thing is how to translate what you hear in your head to a song.

7. How does it feel to be a Beatport #1 with Dragon ft. Adara? It’s incredible, Dragon is a very personal track to me and the title of my album so seeing it doing so well is an amazing feeling!

8. Do you have a favorite size of party? Some DJs really like small events, while others crave the stadiums.I like both festivals and clubs, they are both special and I like a balance between them. Festivals are amazing to play at but I like the intimate vibe of clubs.

9. If I could wave my hands and pay for a national tour with you as a headliner, who would you have as your opening act(s)? Prodigy!

10. You’ve been in the trance game for a while now, how has it changed in your eyes? Any thoughts on what to expect from Trance in 2015? It’s become a lot more progressive and big roomish. I hear a lot of influence in different genres like electro house, but I think it’s a good thing to have some changes. Trance in 2015 will be big, and always here to stay.

Bonus: Favorite Trance Track or DJ Mix of the year?
Shogun – Laputa!

The Prodigy’s New Album Was The Best News of 2014. Here’s Why.

(This is a repost of my EDMTunes feature article about The Prodigy. Show them some love for giving me the platform to write about talent that either no one’s heard of yet, or no one cares about anymore. Here’s to hoping I’m right and The Prodigy remind everyone in 2015 why they’re the best at what they do. The Wolverine of the Main Stage as it were.)
The Prodigy 2014 - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham
We’re at the precipice of another major shift in EDM. No, it’s not big room finally dying, or progressive house returning to center stage. It’s a little more base, a little more primal than that. The Prodigy are releasing a new album, and with it, an entire industry will pivot, as they say it will “wipe the floor with dance djs.” It’s easy to forget how crucial The Prodigy is to American EDM. Whether they’re headlining Lollapalooza (1997), Coachella (back in 2002) or being one of the biggest acts to play Ultra Music Festival twice (2006 & 2009), all the way back when it was only a 1 Day/weekend festival, most DJs you hear today draw inspiration in one way or another to The Prodigy.

In case you need a refresher, The Prodigy was formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. Maxim & Keith Flint are two of the more visible faces of the group (the two guys yelling and having crazy body modification in every video). This group was one of the ones there, pretty much at the beginning. To note, MDMA had been illegal for less than 15 years when this group showed up on the burgeoning UK open air & warehouse rave scene. They pioneered a sound called “big beat” which is the genre you’re thinking of when you think of The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers & even The Crystal Method. This hard-hitting, aggressive & at times, terrifying (especially if you lived in the UK/US suburbs) sound was essentially the brostep of the 90’s. This sound, roughly approximating the halfway point between a rave and a soccer riot, took the UK by storm. This early work didn’t make it over the pond, but as they got bigger, they moved decidedly toward the soccer riot end of the music spectrum.

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The Prodigy Will Always Be Outnumbered, But Never Outgunned.

Someone on Metafilter took the time out of their day to compile and EXHAUSTIVE list of The Prodigy’s performances over the last…two decades. As The Prodigy remains my favorite live act, this is a goldmine. The list of performances doesn’t include the two sets at Ultra Music Festival I attended (2006/2009) or their DC/NYC shows in the same year. Yes I’ve seen the last 4 US appearances of The Prodigy, big whoop wanna fight about it? These guys, if you’ve never heard of them, you owe it to yourself to listen to “The Fat of the Land,” “Invaders Must Die” & watch Hackers at least once in your life. Do it. Or else you’ll never hear the sonic equivalent of a soccer riot, as I call them. (h/t to Metafilter for exceptional continuing quality.)

Midnight Music: Warrior’s Dance by The Prodigy

Tonight, get your urban tribal jam pants on (I kind of want to know what those look like now). I’m bringing you everyone’s favorite electronic dance music equivalent of a soccer riot, The Prodigy. Warrior’s Dance is a song I’ve actually seen performed live, and trust me, it’s a weirdly exhilarating experience to  mosh at Ultra Music Festival. Put the music into your face and then smash your enemies/to-do lists/workouts.

Maxim (of The Prodigy fame), Pursues Solo US DJ Tour.

The Prodigy are a strong contender for my favorite live act ever. Strong praise but if you’ve ever seen them live (or 4 times, like I have), you know that they’re definitely able to control a crowd in a way most other EDM artists could only dream of doing, and were doing so when those artists, producers and DJs were in middle school. It seems the guy who got right in my face at Nation in DC is going to stop moshing and start spinning. The tour details and a handy-dandy mixtape, filled with dubstep, ragga, drum & bass and a dash of anger, are below. I didn’t know he was backing up Feed Me, but it looks like that went over well, so this should be a good time. (via Stoney Roads)

Maxim US DJ tour 2013 (featuring MC Cianna Blaze)
10/25/13 San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
10/26/13 Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater (FreakNight)
10/27/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Lure
10/29/13 San Diego, CA @ Voyeur Thurs
10/31/13 Austin, TX @ Republic Live
11/1/13 Edmonton, AB @ Set
11/2/13 Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Day of the Dead
11/3/13 New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Festival