Apocalypse Wow.

I’m not really sure how it happened, but there I was. At the pulpit, a sermon of bass and beats was being extolled through massive speakers, the floor was populated (not packed or empty) with fabulously costumed, friendly people, blinky shiny lights & lasers everywhere, and the deco was reminiscent of Sensation, except…I spent significantly less to get in the door. The new hotness in Gotham Burner camps, Digital Native & Entwined were making a very big splash with this End of the World party, as I expected when I called it the party of the month here. After watching DK make some magic in the basement, I’d wandered up to the main floor where I was stunned by the perfection of it all.

The space, an abandoned church on Bushwick in Brooklyn was both decorated beautifully & functionally. Multiple bars, a smoking space outside (with the amenities you’d expect from a $40+ entry fee’d club), good flow/people traffic and stupidly good music. I mean, I usually find myself in a space that has competent DJs but this was a night where, start to finish, there was quality dance music where it needed to be. The door, watched over eternally by the Immortal Elven Guardian himself, Guncle, led through the coat check to the first bar & dance floor, where the fantasy of doing naughty things in a church basement could be lived out to your heart’s content. Up from the basement, into the main area, with flowered plants made of light paper & gumption peppering the front of the space, there was a certain something to dancing where pews used to be, under the watchful eyes of the paintings on the ceiling. 

Alex Funk was deploying another one of his trademark sexy, funky, bompy big beat sets while I figured out who was there. This is when the party really blew my mind. A good event is one where you have fun with your friends & all the elements are in sync. A great event is where friends from different spaces come together in an orgy of functionality & awesome and everyone has a fantastic time. I looked over and I saw friends from college, friends from high school, friends from out of town, and friends from the events I go to here in Gotham, interacting. Not through some forced spatial requirements of making conversation at a house party, a general flowing interaction & space conducive to that. Essentially, a place where people could connect on their terms without micromanagement. Boy was it ever sweet. I grabbed my bottle of champagne, kicked back and took a moment to enjoy the amazing deco hung from the ceilings and the sweet visuals & lazers being dropped by VJ Krunch.

VJ Krunch is an institution in his own right, here in NYC. A gentle soul, always willing to lend a hand with projections, lasers and otherwise sweet ass visuals to a variety of parties and burner camps here in Gotham. His efforts this evening did not go unnoticed, as the projections behind the pulpit were fantastic. While it’s usually considered an afterthought, Entwined & Digital Native definitely went all out when it came to lighting and decorating the place, which is a mark of not only maturity in event production but creative vision. And when Barney Iller, the impresario of bass & beats came on to continue the aural destruction Alex Funk was laying down, it all came together in a beautiful way.

I’ve spoken about Barney at length on these pages, but this was one of the first times in years that I’d seen him spin a main stage set between the hours of 11 PM & 3 AM. Being such a hardworker and devotee of the scene, he’s always willing to help, spin early/late, or generally do whatever is needed. However, Digital Native & Entwined realized what a gem they had on hand, and rewarded him with a proper set, in between Alex Funk & EZ Almighty. This allowed my friends from the four (ok only 3, and only if Colorado counts as one) corners of these amazing United States to get a handle on why I am always yammering about how ill the guy is. I’m not even going to describe the music, I’m just going to put sets here, and if you don’t believe me, press play.

After all that (sadly, no bag of chips), I found a smattering of my friends had left due to the ambient lateness of the hour, which reminded me my butt was needed downstairs. There was some sinfully deep house going on in the Church basement, with a bunch of people grooving to the mesmerizing DJ Pony.

I’ve spoken about the guy previously as well, but it was just a sight to behold. The space, hours after your standard bar is dead, going and going strongly. The music kept the crowd going with the effervescent bartenders (also rare at that hour) keeping pace with the demands of the movers and shakers. Lit up by the soft glow of LEDs and costume lights the space pulsed with thick color and bleeding shadow while the bass and sexy rhythms filled the cracks in your awareness. DJ Pony kept that feel going as long as they’d let him, until we plunged back into the stark reality of the Gotham night. One for the record books, and these two groups are just getting warmed up.

This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.

(All photos graciously provided by Urban Adventures)

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