Party of the Month! Nautical by Nature – Vitamin B and Gemini & Scorpio

Tickets Here:

(Update: Stanton Warriors visa had issues, so they won’t be there, but Joro Boro & DJ Shakey will be there! Should be a full house and it’ll still be an amazing time! Keep it going and get over there!)

Back after the summer break, the party scene in NYC is heating back up. As the kids are back at NYU, the burners are home from the playa & the social-climbers have returned from the Hamptons, let’s get back to where we once belonged. In case you’re not done partying on a boat for the season, my friends at Vitamin B and Gemini & Scorpio bring forth one last naval adventure before it gets too cold to be waiting in line on the pier for the bouncer to stop fucking around with wristbands while your date is shivering their ass off. Gemini & Scorpio are lending a hand as well, so this should be a great mix of people buccaneering around Manhattan for a few hours. Captained by the nautical marvel himself, Guncle, I think we’re in for a wonderful time featuring a fantastic group of seamen performers.

Vitamin B had an unfortunate incident at the now departed House of Yes after some overzealous NYPD decided to pad their quotas for the month and are throwing a joint fundraiser with G&S to defray legal costs and re-ornament Guncle . The resident DJ Jedi Masters of Vitamin B will be bomping some of the choicest cuts, samples, jams, tunes and whatever else they found in their gargantuan aural archives. Tektite, Tim the Enchanter & Barney Iller (who has been discussed on this blog previously here, here and here), will be joined by a very good friend, $mall Change.

RECESS NEW YORK – Small Change

This guy has the best sense of funk, disco, dub, soul and smooth house I’ve ever heard, and he’s adding some breaks-y fun into the mix to ensure the Stanton Warriors are buttressed with hours of quality sonic therapy on either side of their live set. You heard me right. Stanton Freaking Warriors.

The Stanton Warriors are one of those groups you’d probably recognize instantly, if you realized how often their remixes/tracks are pushed into some of your favorite sets. These guys have a list of remixes longer than the baggy JNCO pants I wore back in high school, and they’ve maintained an impressive track record of live competence with quality releases. They’re a fantastic pick up for Vitamin B, who have been steadily pulling in impressive talent month after month this year. And, to cap it off, it’s not only on a boat, but it’ll be ending on the early side, so you can scamper off to another party afterwards and brag about how awesome your evening’s been already. See you there!



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