Cirque Du Soleil teaming up with Skrillex to launch a trippy new Vegas nightclub/circle of Hell

Cirque du Soleil is getting into EDM…or Skrillex is running away with the circus? I’m not sure which, but it’s kind of amazing.  April 26th we’ll be seeing an opening of one of the first new offerings when it comes to luxury electronic dance music. Something’s going to happen but we’re not really sure what. Will it involve aerialists? Probably. Will there be bass? Bet on it. Confirmed residencies from Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer, with I’d imagine a laundry list of producers chomping at the bit to do crazy shit with Cirque du Soleil.

While most of the interwebs are busy making fun of a. Skrillex, b. Cirque du Soleil, c. Vegas, d. bottle service or e. Vegas some more, that’s not really why this struck me. Unlike a lot of people who just go to retail parties, the Gotham underground has quite a bit of performance in it, and I think a lot of people are being a bit more flippant about the possibilities than they should be. Burner parties, mega clubs and most specifically touring artists always have a cap when it comes to the size & scale of their performance. Amon Tobin’s ISAM is the most complex we’ve seen and you can still fit that into a shipping container. However, a fixed Vegas mega-club can do quite a bit more. Combined with tasteful use of the Cirque du Soleil staff, I think there’s a serious potential to put on some amazing shows. Not focused on the music or the performers or the alcohol, but the entire experience holistically.

It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees and discuss the exploitative nature of high-end luxury performance. However, I think if enough attention to detail is paid, the residents are chosen well, and the right people work with the right people, it could be a great thing. I have a lot of respect for Zedd these days, and Baauer had a fantastic remix on the Prodigy Remix project for the 15 year anniversary of “The Fat of the Land” (if that sentence made sense, you’re old). While there’s definitely a potential for some of the most massive-ego generated creative masturbation this side of the Balearic Islands I am going to reserve skinny-jeaned judgement (I don’t wear those. Ew.) for when Skrillex does something that’s actually pretentious, as opposed to just trying to do his thing. This is the other artistic render:

If someone can pull THAT off? I may not buy a bottle, but I will certainly consider a non-Jay-Z ticket.

3 thoughts on “Skrillex Runs Away to the Circus.

  1. Circus is the direction we are headed. During our festival season, we go from place to place around Montana with our portable gear, portable stages, portable aerial silks rig, flame cannons, projection surfaces, chill zones, workshop spaces and whatnot. We spend a few days setting up, then the rave kids show up. We have multiple stages with different kinds of music and vibes. Then it’s over and we pack up and get ready for the next one, in a different location out in the woods in Montana. Many people are part of the performative act of making the festival/circus happen. Of course Vegas wants a piece. And they have the money to pull it off right. But do they have the spirit to make it happen or will it come off like a designer imitation of the real thing? Money imitating art.

  2. For us, access to nature is paramount. We are dancing and playing for the trees, mountains, and waterways. Vegas doesn’t have that.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. The festival/Rainbow Gathering/Regional Burn community has been doing this for years and will continue to do so after whoever is running this gets busted for having an in-house dealer or not keeping the space up to code. This is one of the reasons I feel that they’re not in competition per se.

    The powers that be in American music/entertainment really have no grasp of what good festivals/BM/etc are like, simply because they wouldn’t be caught dead without bottle service. I think the art may eventually dovetail into each other, as portable tech (on one hand) explodes in complexity and the muggles slowly realize what they’ve been missing out on (interestingly, due to portable tech capturing the event), but the crowds will never intersect. The person getting a table @ this spot is never going to Rainbow Gathering, and I’d imagine the peeps you guys play to in Montana wouldn’t ever set foot in a Skrillex-dominated clusterfuck like what we’ll see 😀

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