Earworm of the Month: “Empty Space” by xKore (ft. Ooo)

As February the month of birthday, heart-shaped chocolates and gray wintry mix comes to a close, I wanted to drop this tune that I absolutely cannot get enough of. The track on the label’s page has gotten a paltry number of hits, and it seems the time has not yet come for this sound. However, I could not give any fewer fucks.

The track begins majestically but cuts into some choppy wobble immediately, accompanied by some Bjork-y vocals that seem to match strangely. This is one of the increasing number of post-step (yes, I know, but please, go with me here) tracks that have stopped emphasizing the dub-steppy line (that we all know and make fun of), in favor of social justice-oriented/weird physics/confusing radio broadcast vocals in addition to a host of other sounds. This is evocative of the genre putting on big boy pants and realizing that you don’t get to play concerts to 10,000 people on the EDM equivalent of the whammy bar forever. This is also VERY good for listeners. As the song proves at 1:45.

The soaring vocals, the dubby under-current and the ebbing in and out of the track scream soundtrack and the lyrics provide a lovely little double-edged sword. The concept that the human being is 99% empty space is a factual truth on the atomic scale and profoundly depressing or uplifting depending on your mood. Same with the rest of the lyrics. Which, frankly, is great. Because the music will kinda go whichever way you are too. The beat can be menacing or empowering. And this is why I am excited to see what the hell 2013 brings when it comes to the post-Skrillex universe of UK & American Dubstep producers. Shit’s gonna be fun.


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