Mix of the Week: Rudimental’s Live DJ set on Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1 24.2.13)

This week, I am delighted to bring you this amazing new mix that Annie Mac delivered up to us this Sunday past. If you don’t know who Rudimental is, you should peep the November Earworm of the Month & some of the better D&B shout outs coming out of the UK (If you don’t know who Annie Mac is, you should…buy headphones for the first time. I’m not sure how you can listen to EDM and not have an awareness of Annie Mac & her importance to the world-wide dance scene.). Rudimental showed up and dropped this 26min mix for BBC Radio 1 and it’s just a delightful little bite of what we can be expecting from quality artists this summer.

The mix is only 9 tracks long, and only features 3 Rudimental tracks. This is a perfect example of what the US has never experienced when it comes to the proliferation of EDM culture and really has only gotten experienced by Americans at good after-parties and the unicorn of all sets.  This being the early-career live-mix by the talent, as opposed to some pre-generated track-list that never get recorded and just exist to blow the minds of people who heard them. The stoop-side freestyles of MCA & the Beasties, early underground shit that Eminem dropped, sets that the two guys that went on to become Daft Punk did before they turned into robots, these are just a few examples of “if you weren’t there, you missed it” shows. This is one of those sets that, if/when Rudimental blows up, you’ll be able to point to a moment and go “wow, they used to be new at this.” It feels so real. It’s not a studio mix, but that’s what’s fun. There’s an intoxicated “this is a party” feel to it. In addition to the surprising Harlem Shake drop. I wasn’t aware it was a dance floor standard, but it works quite well, and I’m starting to understand why there are approximately 451,000 Harlem Shake youtube videos.

The mix moves along pretty well with a breakdown for bassy/grindy goodness at a few points, but then we get a special treat. A live studio performance of I know is going to be a massive track “Waiting All Night” ft. Ella Eyre . I’ve not heard a live studio performance of a track since the last time I paid for one. A fantastic way to both get a new track out there, and reward Radio 1 listeners by providing them with something they’ll probably never hear again. The single is below, the mix is above. Listen to both and understand the difference between live & mastered 😀


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