Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Seven Lions

1. How would you define the genre Seven Lions currently occupies? Because “A giant made of clouds” is kind of confusing when I tell my friends about you.
That’s actually really tough because I don’t like to just do one genre. So, I mean, I can say where I come from. Like, I like trance a lot, I like industrial a lot. I didn’t like dubstep too much at first and then I slowly got into it. I like a little bit of everything to be honest, so I try and make a little bit of everything, if that makes sense. I try and keep my style on what I want to do, so I have dubstep songs, glitch-hop, electro, trance.

2. What was it about the party you went to in 2007, the thing in LA, that was different than how you’d been partying previously, that inspired this explosion in creative vision?
Just the vibe and connecting with that many people in such a crazy way It was just like unbelievable to walk into a room of however many thousand people, and they’re all feeling the same thing so much. Like, I’ve been to like metal shows before and everyone’s very into it but it wasn’t ever on that scale.  That was just a massive scale and people were Into It. So it was cool, just to feel a part of that.
3. What is the single track of your body of work as Seven Lions that you’re most proud of? Do you have a recommendation to people as to what track they should play for friends first?
That’s a tough one man. It’s between “She Was” & “Still With Me,” the remix for Tritonal. She Was, as its original, because it’s very unique I feel like. Tritonal remix because it just worked out perfectly, the vocal was beautiful, it was just a great situation all around.

4. Do you have a prefered kind of environment to perform in? Basement? Amphitheater? Hotel Room?
I’m just learning that I guess. I haven’t been doing this for very long. So, I’m just now playing bigger and bigger shows. I guess I’d say my ideal environment would be with friends. What’s most important to me on a show, is to have some people that are there that I feel got my back and then a crowd that’s receptive. It’s actually less about the amount of people and the space, it’s more about the people in the space & around.

5. Do you find that the LA rave scene (if you’re still active) has changed since you started going to parties in 2007?
I kinda stopped after I went to an EDC in LA and it was just too packed. I wasn’t feeling it. I went to Burning Man and after experiencing that amount of freedom at a party I just never went back to raves after that.

6. What sounds, DJs, producers or other performers are really exciting you at the moment and why?

I don’t listen to electronic music regularly, I still listen to metal honestly. I mean I only really listening to electronic music when I’m looking for songs, actively, to put in my set. I’m always into Viking Metal, I like folky stuff. I like stuff that really takes you out of somewhere you are and puts you somewhere else.  Any recommendations? It’s been a while for me…Ensiferum, Managarm, obviously Opeth, Storm Corrosion, their side project with Steve Wilson, stuff like that.

7. Are there any sounds, trends or elements in electronica/EDM right now that you actively dislike?

I think everything has its place. When I wasn’t going to a lot of parties and I heard the new progressive house sound which is basically one-chord progression over and over again and then the same drop, I got really bored with it. But when you go to a big party, it makes a lot of sense, it’s fun to dance to. I mean, everything has its place. It might not be the most spectacularly musical thing but it serves a purpose, it’s fun music. So, I understand the super heavy electro stuff, super heavy dubstep, everybody has their own cup of tea.

8. If you could play any one place in the world, where and why? I really like Burning Man. I mean, I really like it out there. I haven’t been partying in a lot of different places so it’s hard for me to say really, but I just love Burning Man.

9. Any visions of the future of Seven Lions you want to share? Where you want it to go? What you want to do with the sound? Right now we’re just working towards making a very cohesive piece of art. And not just dropping random EPs with random themes that are not related. We’re talking about making it an over-arching story. I’m excited about what we’re coming up with because we have a really good team. We’re pulling on a lot of creative people to make something special I think.

10. And the final perfunctory social media shout out? Where should people go for your stuff?

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