Party of the Month: I Feel…Heroes of the Underground by Carmel Productions!

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With the falling of the leaves brings the hiking of the skirts & the costuming of the masses. Starting from around October 10th to Halloween, Gothamites can expect a calvalcade of cacaphonous costume parties. That time of year when it’s acceptable to dress up as a Sexy Ronald McDonald or DeadPool, just because. One of the better offerings this year is going to be the Heroes of the Underground brought to you by the glorious human beings at Carmel Productions (Facebook:

They’ve been absolutely killing it for a while now. From their humble beginnings at Tammany Hall with consistently packed, ridiculous parties, they recently finished a series of fun as hell summer events that were loved by all. They’re throwing this at a secret location, though you have to buy a ticket to find out, as I won’t spill the beans here. Their events are heavy on the art and costumes because of their fantastic themes (see Harajuku & Enchanted). This month, instead of going for a traditional costume party, they’re encouraging super heros & heroines, to give people an angle and to also make sure they’re feeling at their most super-powerful when they go to the event. With a quiz helping you pick what super hero to be, you should be ready to go in no time.

This lets people cut loose a bit with expressing themselves, and the music definitely matches. DJ PONY, the Bishop of Beats himself will be anchoring a wonderful line up that deserves (but needs no) introduction. He’s been keeping himself busy and his latest project is a smooth debut into the more progressive side of house, a significant departure from his deeper, techier BaSSSeSSionS mixes. Hit it liberally.

Reality Engine has become something of a sleeper hit here in the underground, showing up supporting at interesting events and never disappointing. The trio’s blend of deep, tech & electro-infused house will keep a dance floor moving in a fun and surprisingly tight way. Lovecraft (with No.19) adds an even deeper feel with his signature style of deeper, hypnotic house, that will do quite nicely in this group.

Holosound, fresh from gracing the decks on the Playa for DiSORIENT, has made his way here to add his likeness to the bass collective. His sound is soulful, surprisingly hip and has just a touch of early-90’s synth thrown in for flavor. Alkalina rounds out the merry band with a more minimal & tech house flavor that I’d imagine will keep the event together nicely.

It should be a very good time with this talent and Carmel at the helm. They do good work and I’m sorry I hadn’t mentioned them before now. This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.


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