Party of the Month: GlamTech by Disorient

Just in time to welcome the spring, DiSORIENT is busting out one of their signature events. You know it’s time for GlamTech when all of your friends start getting allergies and/or start planning out how they’re going to cover a tuxedo jacket with mirrors. Including the tails. Because, go big or go home. While DiSORIENT is known for its flair & general bon vivant affairs, this one brings out some really well done costumes & sets every year.

The Diamond is an interesting theme, one that does require a lot of work, a bunch on pressure and some heat to create. There shall probably be a liberal dose of blinky-shiny being invented by the many tinker/hackers that populate the event, and of course, art, video & 2 rooms of music. Because expecting anything less from DiSORIENT is essentially passe at this point. While I’ve sadly missed the event for the last two years in a row, the third time is certainly a charm. And, it seems my reward is a merry band of DJs that are going to rock le house.

I got my first heaping earfuls of Coyoti & Miss Sabado on the Boom Boat, DiSORIENT’s summer boat party, and was hooked within minutes of dancing under the decks on the boat. Coyoti’s fun, upbeat, funky sound and Miss Sabado’s silky worldly deep house are must listens. Coyoti bounces around the Eastern Seaboard & Cali while Miss Sabado does a lovely local party off the L train called Resonate. I’ve not seen them in big rooms in a while, so I know I’m in for a treat, especially if their online mixes are any indication.

DJ Resy & DJ Horus are two new faces in my universe inside the underground scene at the moment. I had the opportunity to work with DJ Horus last year but I wasn’t able to make it happen, something I regret and you probably do to once you hear his stuff, considering he’s a vet going back years. I’ve had my eye on DJ Resy for a little while now, and I could not be happier I’m seeing her name on set lists more and more often. I have dreams of one of the other headliners, DJ Pony, & DJ Resy teaming up for one of those ridiculously over-the-top sexy parties, somewhere with martini glasses, but alas, to be rich. If you don’t know my adoration for my sadly rejected nomination for new Pope, DJ Pony, then it seems you have some blog-reading to do my friend.

A recent addition to the lineup, Yentalbeats, of the west coast Burning Man camp Robot Heart, is gracing the decks with his presence, as is Elixir from Space Pirates in Philly & two other DJs I’ve not encountered before. I’ve included all the relevant music pages throughout, so enjoy 😀

The Warsaw is large enough to maintain 2 rooms of sound and the sheer volume of shenanigans that goes on at a DiSORIENT party, so a good time should be had by all. Take a look, make it out if you want to get at what they’re about. Look for the discoball carrying glow-lights. Get tickets here, because DiSORIENT events sell the fuck out.

This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.

3 thoughts on “Party of the Month: GlamTech by Disorient

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