Party Of The Month: Renegade Space Prom by Reformata

(UPDATE: The Kickstarter for the ICARUS art car is now live! Even if you can’t the party, you can still give to make sure a ridiculously awesome vehicle ends up playaside this summer!)

I took a break promoting events here because I wanted to make sure the focus was on music and dance culture related lolz, as opposed it looking like someone’s comping me every month. However, this month, there’s something very special happening and I can happily report most of my favorite people are going to be there. A retro futurist theme, Space Prom looks to be a costumed extravaganza that only NYC Burners can pull off. The King & Queen of the Renegade Space Prom will look to be galactic-levels of fabulous. Make sure to bust out your finest Summer threads for this Icarus fundraiser. It seems some friends of mine behind Icarus straight up want to create an ADC, or an Armored DJ Carrier. This looks somewhat bonkers when it comes to art car designs, and that’s saying a lot for the artistic space, considering what people have put out onto the Playa.

The tunes are going to be second to none, and really, something that should be totally expected at every party you attend. There is a giant pile of talent at this thing that you’re going to adore. So, here’s a pile of music you can use this week to get you hyped for Saturday.

Soul Mob has this minimized, relaxed vibe that still throbs with energy. I’m not really sure how this works, but I was definitely up late jamming on this mix earlier this week. It’s deceptively groovy. I’ve got a set by Coyoti from somewhere in the Middle East if I’m not mistaken.  If you like deep house with a global flavor to it, there’s a lot for you to enjoy here, as I’ve mentioned before.

Tektite, EZ and B3AR are 3 of my absolute favorite DJs on the East Coast. EZ rocks Philly while Tektite and B3AR haunt my local spots. Tektite killed it on Friday at Stanton Sessions, in case you didn’t know. Vitamin B (his baby, along with Tim The Enchanter & illexxandra) turned the Sankey’s basement into the ridiculous dance party we all hoped for. His magic with breaks is not to be missed. EZ pushes out some potent bass, switch hitting through electro, trap, big beats, and the occasional dash of bounce house. This guy is going places, so check him here before he starts rocking festivals. B3AR is an enigma wrapped in a delightful beard. This guy has spun everything from deep house to electroswing, with a great crowd sense and an evolving track library. Trust that he won’t fail us.

The Beat Kitty will make you sweat with some of the most energetic bass music you’ll hear in the burner scene. She’s got the chops & the experience, rocking out a series of successful Wonderland parties. Hydrah will be there as well dropping live electronic & vocals. A treat that I’m quite looking forward to. Rounding out the team, a DJ close to my heart, Alex Funk has returned from absolutely obliterating the Kalliope stage out at Bonnaroo. This kind of talent is going to be exploding faces all over the globe soon. So get into it and enjoy the massive vibe that he’s going to bring out to you.

Yes, that means you should get your tickets and start voting for your favorite Prom King & Queen. While I’m not running, I’ll be accepting bids on endorsements for people who are running. Highest offer gets a giant VOTE FOR YOU from me here on the blog. Because I’m a shameless whore and want to see people fighting over my megaphone. Get them tickets here!



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