Eyes & Ears: Avant Garden ft. “The Bloom Room” with DJ Pony & REsy

(I wanted to make a special point to start discussing events that specifically fundraised for art projects, be they Burner or whatever, simply because I think there can be a lot of hedonism in these kinds of events, and hopefully, if people act transparently, a lot of good art and job creation, as it were, can come out of the want to go somewhere and dance on days that end in Y. So I’m starting a feature where I yammer about an event raising money for art that I think is cool.)

This one came at me from a friend, so I wanted to make sure y’all heard about it. From what I can tell, this smells of an underground affair with a few of the DJs I’ve mentioned here before, fundraising for some art people trying to get out to the Playa. For our viewers playing at home, generally, NYC people raise money for outstanding ridiculousness at Burning Man, by throwing banging and/or refined & dainty affairs all over the city before they head off. A couple of friends at Modus Operandi are working on something I’m very eager to see and I’m going to  bust ass to make it to this Friday night.

Once a year, the shōgun of the 15th century Japan would request the surrounding towns to dedicate a gift reflecting their talents and skills to the city of Tokyo for the public to enjoy. Many of these contributions can still be found throughout the city today in expressions of art forms, statues, and shrines.

The art is something I’m very interested to see. It reminds & gently enforces a spirit of giving, even if you’re only giving of your presence and attitude. If this is something that’s attempted honestly, I can’t help but endorse it. This kind of experience can be deeply powerful. In 2006, when I was on Playa, our camp had a shrine for travelers with nourishment, wisdom and a place to say something. This Bloom Room idea brings me back to that place so I’m down to do anything that tries to make giving easy and focusing the funds raised at the bar to something that can benefit many.

The Alcalde of Ponystep continues his gallop across NYC, and if you’ve missed my coverage of him, these links should help. He’s joined by another long time favorite here, the effervescent REsy. I’m really hoping there’s a tag-team set possibility for these two, and by that, I mean I’m just going to keep on saying it in my daily Burner affirmations until it happens.

Adam Jay is someone I owe a great debt to. Literally providing the roof over my head at PEX last summer so I could run around and have the best 4th of July weekend ever, I’m gonna be repping him for a while. Oh, and the deep tropical bass/funk/worldbeat/house he spins is pretty rad too. For serious. Providing additional bass-related support is Thumper who I’d not had the pleasure of jamming on before the invite, but the more understated “even deeper” groove was promptly put on, and left on for however long the mix listed above was.

No tickets are going to be sold in advance, so the only way to know where this is going down is to hit up the Facebook event page. It seems this might be done old-school style, which again, much respect.

3 thoughts on “Eyes & Ears: Avant Garden ft. “The Bloom Room” with DJ Pony & REsy

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