Hometown Fire: DJ Dopeshoes

This episode of Hometown Fire is dedicated to someone I only became aware of in the spring, at a party I reported on here. I’m kicking myself for not discovering her sooner, as Dopeshoes stuns both the eyes and the ears. I’ve heard her spin nu/freestyle disco, deep house, with two scoops of sophistication & some style frosting on top. Others agree that she rocks, so she’s gotten some bandwidth to push a few mixes into the auralsphere/series of tubes for signal amplification. The first comes to us from a Gotham-based spot called TheBeatMill, it’s a free download, and they do a nice, quality weekly podcast. Makes for quite a better train ride for those of us who can’t stream during our commutes all over the world.

The second comes from another music site called The Couch Sessions. They do some NYC-centric work on their site & soundcloud as well as a respectable away of coverage, that includes design & food/drink, events and live coverage. So, kind of like me, but with actual staff. This is a Free DL as well, plus the house is smooth as honey and delightful. I like the Crack House genre, but I think Dopeshoes is a bit more refined than she gives herself credit.

Check out all of her social medias below and if you like it, show the love it (and she) deserves:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dopeshoes
Blog: http://new-york-minutes.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dopeshoes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/djdopeshoes
Website: http://www.djdopeshoes.com/


Tom Waits Wednesday!

Tom Waits Wednesday!

Tom Waits always knows what to say and the gigantic number of my friends that have Tom Waits on heavy rotation on the playlists can speak to how often he’s right. In this case, izquotes.com picks the right line. Friday is in sight, you can do this.

Graphene-Based Electronic Ink Creates Super-Thin Midi Controllers

There’s been a significant amount of interest swirling around Graphene (a one-atom thick carbon chain) is palpable, and when I see stuff like this, I understand why. Cambridge University has created graphene based-ink that connect to a speaker and circuit. It’s conductive such that when you touch it, it makes noise. Zero-inch thick music controllers/creators? Yes Please!

Krewella & Headhunterz Combine Forces To Fight Bullying!

Fresh off their set on Good Morning America, Krewella continues to surprise by collaborating with the Future King of Hardstyle, Headhunterz. Headhunterz has shot into the realm of global visibility with his remix of Kaskade’s “Lessons in Love” (below), and this collaboration is not to be missed.

I’m kind of amazed that they’d choose hardstyle over Krewella’s dominant genres of electro, big room house and dubstep, but I’m glad they did. Pete Tong dropped the track on his All Gone Pete Tong radio show, and it’s coming out Nov. 19th on Ultra. The anti-bullying message is something I frankly wish I had in middle school and I’d love to make sure the younglings hear this. It’s a bit cheesy, but when the bass kicks, you realize you’re in the middle of a massive hardstyle track with synth-y frosting on the top. Considering that Krewella has fought against a bunch of bullying because the group is 2/3 female, and the amount of shit Headhunterz gets for being into hardstyle, I’d imagine this is a sweet track to make. I hope it gets the exposure it deserves, and the kids who need to hear its message jump up and down listening to it.

(PS: Yes, Krewella did perform on Good Morning America, being the first EDM act to perform on American morning television. Here’s the video in case you want to know what Live for the Night sounds like before 9 AM.)

Drummer Without Forearms/Hands Kills It Covering The Foo Fighters!

Here’s a drummer with no arms. You heard me. Watch the video and be amazed. Then go kick some fucking ass, because if this guy can motivate himself to be a freaking drummer without hands or forearms, you can get to the fucking gym or drop those 500 words for NaNoWriMo. Like. Now. Go on. I’ll wait. There won’t be another post up for like 3-5hrs, so you can do something productive and come right back. I promise. We’ll keep the bass warm for you.