Party of the Month: Radical Inclusion


A lot of organizations have high minded compassionate principles but still breed exclusivity into their events. There are a lot of subtle things people can do to invite or not invite. The people behind Radical Inclusion have been done pretty much every single thing you could possibly do to be inviting, and I hope they’re rewarded for it. The event is bringing in some amazing talent from Philadelphia and matching it with Gotham luminaries, throbbing visuals and a “door experience” by EZ Almighty, another member of the Philly Bass aristocracy. I’m not experienced, but I can’t wait to be.

Lucky Cheng’s on the West Side near the park is a prime location for an event, especially when it comes to being accessible and not pissing off any one of the outer borough crossing crews. You can get to Queens, Jersey, and even the Bronx from here without too much trouble, though if you live in Staten Island, you’re still fucked and should re-evaluate your life choices. There is of course staggered ticket pricing so those of modest means can attend, while those that have a bit more in their pockets can support more right off the bat. Mantis Garden did some fabulous work at PEX Summer Fest this year and considering the work that has been done by those involved, I doubt any of us will be disappointed.

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Party of the Month: Playa Prom by Easy Village

Tickets are still available for Prom!

With school out for the summer, it seems the natives have gotten restless and out of nowhere Bubbles & Bass has swung into action. With the help of a cast characters from all around the city, they’re dropping a super legit prom on a spot just south of Port Authority. The HK Lounge does well for itself, and the surroundings should work delightfully with the high class, crafty prom Kings & Queens that will fill the space to capacity on the 13th.

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