Tupac Has Probably Sparked The Brain That Will Change The World Already.

Tupac Has Probably Sparked The Brain That Will Change The World Already.

I mean, just saying. The number of inner city kids that were helped by his efforts to end gang violence, in addition to the millions of creatives that were influenced by his sound makes it seem likely. Just think, one day the president might be a Millennial who rocked backwards jeans because of Kriss Kross one month.

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” ~Stephen Fry

As a long time viewer of vinyl vs. digital arguments, this quote resonated more than most about books. The medium doesn’t matter, it’s about the quality of the art contained within, and it always will be. Whether it’s words or beats, do what you love and it’ll shine through however it’s consumed by your adoring public.

“The only fear I have left is not being able to create.” ~Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has broken new ground in so many ways, especially in offending those who had worldviews that needed shaking up. I give mad props to anyone who is able to include and offend, as he’s been able to do repeatedly. Check out the video below, where one of his fans performs one of his hits (This Is The New Sh*t) in sign language. Inclusiveness doesn’t stop if you can’t hear.

My New Favorite Phrase Is “Bilbo It Up.”

Patrick Rothfuss is an American writer of sworcery (you see what I did there?), most notably The Kingkiller Chronicles. The “take on the damn dragon” attitude you find in that class of fiction has always been one of my favorites. Not backing down in the face of fire-breath is hardcore 😀

Tristram Stands Tall & Fights On.

Tristram Stands Tall & Fights On.

Tristram is a cool new artist on Monstercat, one of the most agile & aware labels on the internet these days. Excuse the badly transcribed lyrics and look at the warrior standing tall with one hell of a sword. Stand tall my people. You got this and in case you’re not sure, check out the tune below for some inspirational bass.