In 2013, It Became Illegal To Dance In Japan.

New York City venues have been battling obnoxious Cabaret Laws (More info here) for decades now, and I’d desperately hoped we were alone in the practices of “banning dancing.” It seems last year, Japan joined the list of idiots that think you can legislate moving in time with music.

Apparently, this happened back in May but I didn’t hear anything about it. Japan passed a law requiring clubs to have a dancing license while also 66 sq. meters of unobstructed floor space, while closing by 12AM/1AM (Booo!). This is in response to a period of some random but brutal violence in nightclubs, but thankfully, a group of brave warriors are fighting. Stoney Roads reports that “Let’s Dance” is trying to make shaking it legal again. Their petition generated 155k ssignatures and now, with the election season bearing down, let’s see if something can happen. Does anyone know how to say “You Gotta Fight For The Right To Party?” in Japanese? Internet points to you if you post it in the comments.

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