In The Mix & Miller Drop 10 Of The Best Live Sets Performed In Gotham City Through The Years!

Miller Genuine Draft & In The Mix (Australian EDM Blog) have teamed up to…tell people about New York City. Of all places. While this New Yorker would love to know about the party scene in Sydney, I’ll definitely give credit where credit is due. They’ve compiled a hit list of some of the best live sets dating back to Grandmaster Flash in 1978. This list is no joke, with stars like David Morales, Frankie Bones, Junior Vasquez, Louie Vega in his prime & even Francois K’s recent set at Output. This is a list of sounds that were the dance floor experience for thousands of people every weekend. Definitely check it out. They also did this extremely abbreviated listing of which clubs you should go to when you come here. It’s tiny, but for a tourist, competent. Check it out here. I’m not really sure what Miller’s angle is here, especially because I can’t get MGD at most of the clubs listed, but whatever, if they want to pay for the write-ups/hosting, here’s to them.


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