Metal Returns With Mashed Up Sounds & Amazing Vocals!

I wanted to show up with something different over the next week. Music you may not have run into, stuff you used to listen to, or other things generally not in your way. I think I’ve found a trio of videos that you’ll enjoy, and totally wouldn’t have found otherwise. Metal & high school angst have come a long way since I played my Korn cd over and over in high school and I wanted to illustrate how. Above, Issues reminds us that it is actually possible to combine screamo and Simple Plan-style vocals in a competent offering that I really wish I had in high school.

Danger Kids shows up with potent vocals, some killer guitar work and a surprisingly competent EDM edge. In the same way that Linkin Park wowed us all in the late 90’s with a mix of turntablism and guitars, these guys are here with good shit in all the right places. It’s rare that a new offering really convinces me that they’re the heir apparent to this sound that I kept close to my chest when I was growing up, but there you have it folks. Play this the next time someone tries to convince you Hybrid Theory will never come again.

The last video is as close to indie metal as I’m willing to go. The video is shot with pocket change and still manages to keep my attention, which is amazing in this day & age. Bring Me The Horizion has neck tattoos in all the right places and the band has chops. The screamo, the guitar work, the drumming with fucking road flares, all come together to provide a compellingly brutal offering that should not be ignored. I have no idea what to wear to the show, as each time I see the frontman push some hardcore lyrical work into the microphone, the jeans I feel should be worn get tighter and tighter.

Hit up the comments if you like what I’m doing here and want to see more metal, hip hop or non-EDM genres. I am always, a man of the people.


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