Midnight Music: Nightcall – Reverie [Euphoric Synth Metal]

Nightcall - ReverieNightcall is one of the few moody, dark triumphant groups that get an instant listen whenever they put out new work. Their explosion 2min in is one of mastery and could best be described as “viking metal without guitars.” There’s a powerful dark future sound here, while staying true to the fundamentals of a genre of music that ISN’T DANCE MUSIC. This is straight up some progressive metal that is being made with a keyboard, or some crazy synth work. If this is coming out of a laptop, which, is likely at this point, I think we’ve seen the tip fellas. Like, this means that all genres are on the take when it comes to this, as my longstanding love of indietronica helps to reinforce. If you can take the best of what’s coming out of laptop production & throw it into some pre-existing musicality/vibe/whatever, bang. And we’re all better for it. This is the kind of work that needs to be happening across genres to really find the sweet spot that bands need to sound unique in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Freak Kitchen’s New Music Video For “Freak of the Week” Is Epic.

In case you thought metal was dead, someone finally did the thing we’ve been waiting for since our Anime Music Video periods in college (Don’t play, you know what I’m talking about). This song is totally the triumphant metal some of us know and love. However it’s presented using some of the best animation I’ve ever seen for a music video. This smacks of Metalocalypse but in almost a Japanese anime kind of way. There’s a legendary feel that I really want to see as a cartoon. The singing, guitar work & power chords are all exactly what they need to be to make this song a success. The Freak of the Week idea is a great way to break into the genre and make a splash with a single. Hopefully these guys get some attention and you’re as entertained by this as I am.

Amazing Metal Cover Of Aphex Twin’s “Popcorn Song”

Charlie Parra del Riego needs to get hired to some crazy awesome band in the next 5 minutes. Anyone who can play Aphex Twin on a guitar deserves my attention. He also asks (in Spanish) “Don’t forget to post your comment, suggestions or insults in the comments section.” That’s badass. Great job and can’t wait to hear more from this Peruvian wonder. (via Laughing Squid)

The World’s Largest Muslim Country Has A Metalhead President Now.

So, after a long, ridiculous election, Indonesia has elected Joko Widodo. While the name may sound like he’s a member of the Jedi Council, he’s actually a devout metalhead, and the new president of the country that has the largest Muslim population in the world. Mic.com has a great spread on the guy and his headbanging, moshing and being with the people. I find music love to be the great unifier, and in a nation that can swing very, VERY conservative, this is a sign that there is progress happening. He’s a fan of Metallica, Napalm Death, Led Zeppelin, and Muslim metal bands, which probably rock face. Whenever a head of state says “Rock is my passion,” I think it’s a good day for music. Rock out President Widodo!

Mix Of The Weekend: Dreamstep by Jaya Prime

This week, we’re moving into the bassy space, with a gorgeous mix from years ago by Jaya Prime. Just in case you’ve never gotten into this, you need to put it into your face. Dotted with samples from Inception, the mix is ethereal, heavy & at times pounding when it comes to the blend of dubstep, future garage & metal. Any mix that has Burial, Sarah McLachlan remixes & Bassnectar is one you need to hear. Get into the heavy and enjoy.

An Epic Metal Tribute To Video Game Music.

I don’t toss around either the word “Epic” or “Metal” lightly, but I’ve gotta say, this is kind of amazingly both. Clocking it at over 17min, this Mass-based musician has been making the rounds on Kotaku and Dorkly while making a solid run for YouTube aristocracy. I think this video has a chance to get him there. It’s less than a week old and I’ve not seen it shared yet. Trust me, the covers of grossly relevant video games, done impeccably & brutally at times, will keep your attention.  Especially when he switches guitars and does other crazy tricks. Watch it, you’ll see, and if you don’t think both metal & vgmusic are related to the dance floor, then you’ve got a lot to learn about the histories of both 😀

Metal Returns With Mashed Up Sounds & Amazing Vocals!

I wanted to show up with something different over the next week. Music you may not have run into, stuff you used to listen to, or other things generally not in your way. I think I’ve found a trio of videos that you’ll enjoy, and totally wouldn’t have found otherwise. Metal & high school angst have come a long way since I played my Korn cd over and over in high school and I wanted to illustrate how. Above, Issues reminds us that it is actually possible to combine screamo and Simple Plan-style vocals in a competent offering that I really wish I had in high school.

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Dada Life + Metal = Born To Rage (Haters Incoming)

Just in case you thought Dada Life was getting predictable, they decided to hang out with Sebastian Bach who is doing the vocals for the re-work of their single Born To Rage. To jog your memory, this was the song that had 39 nationalized versions were released world-wide. This mammoth effort is now getting a new metallic coat of paint, with Bach doing good work. The video is out and I wonder if they got Bach to sing 39 different languages. Because global metal + Dada Life? That sounds like a movement I can get behind. Enjoy & grab the original on Beatport here.