Midnight Music: London Grammar – Sights (Andy C Remix) [Melancholy Drum & Bass]

I’m absolutely floored. I had no idea you could put Andy C & London Grammar in the same zip code at the same time, much less have the former remix the latter. This reworking of “Sights” is hot off the presses and immediately reminds you how good at their job both London Grammar & Andy C are. The melancholy vocal energy of London Grammar’s original lines is preserved perfectly. The drum & bass elements come together slowly, like a master assembling his tool belt & workstation slowly but surely. As the energy shambles along, you arrive three minutes & 15 seconds in, and the triumphant build finally reveals itself. Pulling into the danceable back beat ever so slowly, you find yourself flying along before you know what’s going on. The vocals pull back in to remind you, yes this still was London Grammar, so be sad it’s over too.

One thought on “Midnight Music: London Grammar – Sights (Andy C Remix) [Melancholy Drum & Bass]

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