Midnight Music: Robert Miles – Children (Konect ft. Jay Cosmic Remix) [Chill Trap]

Well, can’t say I saw this one coming. This chilled out trap remix of Children almost excuses the entirety of the minivan trance movement that Children ushered forth (I call it Minivan trance because Children got so popular, DJ Ishkur called the track something that “your mom listened to in her minivan). The remix puts the tune in perspective and brings the energy down to where it matches the actual melody and chords used. This is something I could see in a Cashmere Cat set, or even a deadmau5 set when he was feeling particularly trollish. The “trance breakdown” at 3:15 is great, and reminds you they actually listened to the song a billion times like we all did if you were a fan of EDM (or electronica as we called it) back in the late 90’s.

I’m a huge fan of the Chill Trap these days, a lot of deep underground production going on, with young DJs & producers really walking the line between festival appropriate & chilled/downtempo vibes. Watch this space for more of that stuff of course. And it’s a Free DL so I don’t want to hear any complaining! Hit up www.dropthebassline.com for more as well.


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