Euphonik & Chris Sen Remix Candi Stanton To Create Gospel House

While the beat may sound familiar, the lyrics in this track are exceptional to me. I’ve been listening to house, funky house, Chicago house, deep house, gay house, straight house, disco house and the 50 billion other subgenres of house for years now. This is the first time I’ve heard Praise & Jesus-related words in a house track. I know there’s an extensive history of gospel influencing funk, soul, R&B and jazz, but the tracks have always sort of danced around the issue. Candi Stanton was a wildly important figure in Gospel & soul back in the 70’s, for everyone who isn’t playing the home game. I’m a big fan of this tune, made by Euphonik & Chris Sen in South Africa. I can’t even imagine what the dance scene in South Africa must be like. Parties must be freaking amazing. And if this track is any indication, the music is on point. Play this loud and see if anyone figures it out.


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