Shop Locally for Burning Man

Big ass list of local places to buy Burning Man related gear/supplies. This is a great list and it’s super important to get these places patronage and dollars as opposed to just throwing money at WalMart. Consistency is important y’all 😀

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

shop localBurning Man is a boon for banks, oil companies, airlines, media, rental firms, Wal-Mart and Costco. To this group, though, Burner dollars are not even a blip in their corporate earnings. For local businesses trying to compete against big box stores, our money could be significant. Shop locally people, and help the little guy. It will spread goodwill in local communities towards our event.

A sustainability-oriented theme camp, Clutch Village, have compiled this useful list. If you like their thinking, help them out with their fundraiser, they only need a few hundred bucks to meet their goal.


Please Join Clutch Village in buying our Playa supplies from local stores enroute from Reno to Gerlach! In order to help support the local community surrounding Black Rock City.

—-A list of local shopping alternatives is listed below—-
In particular, we would like you to join us in Boycotting Walmart.

Besides supporting…

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