Midnight Music: Haywire – Everchanging [Dream Hop]

Haywyre has been killing it for a little while now, and this new track is exactly what he needs to catapult into the realm of popularity he deserves to be at. The maestro is jaw-droppingly good at creating sounds you didn’t know you wanted to hear. There is synth work that should be taught in graduate level audio engineering courses. I consistently hear work from this guy that you barely hear in obscure psy-trance or IDM, much less used WELL. Everchanging morphs from a chilled, almost ambient downtempo track into some surprisingly competent glitch hop. This soars as it transforms itself into a potent electro funk track, and I’m not even sure Electro Funk is a genre (yet). Monstercat made a huge pick up with this one, and if you don’t think so at the end of this track, I’ll buy you a coke.


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