The Locals Project: Local Techno, House and Trance DJs @ Santos Party House! (FREE PARTY!)

The_Locals_Facebook_Timeline_Banner (2)

Right as most of the burners start disappearing from the city to head out to that thing in Nevada, The Locals Project is putting together a great event featuring talent living & working right here in NYC. With House, Techno, Progressive & even a Trance DJ or two, The Locals focuses on making sure some of the fantastic talent living and working here in Gotham get the recognition they deserve. It’s so easy to just celebrate the headliners or those getting flown around all over the world playing to packed rooms of screaming fans, but when it comes to the dozens of regular/local parties here in NYC, there are definite DJs that stand out. Not only for working hard and making the events happen, but also opening/closing/assisting the headliners in making the party as awesome as possible. They’re also pushing out a petition to get Electric Zoo to showcase local talent, which totally deserves your attention and signature.

Check out the boatload of music that the DJs have pushed out to get you excited for this event. Seriously, it’s 6+ hours of homegrown beats & mixes, something in there for the whole family to love.  If you’re in town, head to the Santos Party House next Saturday and high-five some of your neighbors here in the Gotham Scene. Hit up the FB Event page here and tell yo friends!


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