Midnight Music: Oscilla – Colours (ft. Allume) [Soulful Indietronica]

Oscilla - Colours Ft. AllumeTonight, I bring you a gem I found on the Stoney Roads (Australian) blog. This shimmering future bass tune ft. the delightful vocals of Allume is exactly the sound I think more American artists need to be experimenting with. The combination of exceptional vocal work and synth lines that can really bring a pop audience to its knees. The words Imogen Heap come to mind, and that’s an effect that cannot be ignored. The piece could go on for hours if need be, this sound is a great I can’t wait to see others move in this direction.

One thought on “Midnight Music: Oscilla – Colours (ft. Allume) [Soulful Indietronica]


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