Midnight Music: Xanwow – Sonsopkoms (Original Mix) [Driving Progressive]


The creator of this track is 14 years old. Fourteen. I want that to sink in. I want you to think back to what you were doing in 7th grade. Were you releasing retail-grade progressive? Cause I sure as hell wasn’t. I think I had a vague understanding of hip hop and Green Day at that point. Now the kids are creating anthem tracks that I would listen to at essentially any party. This kid has dropped a 6min opus with some severely pleasing vibes. He takes his time, already pushing the length of tunes back into a great place. If you remember tracks longer than 6 minutes, you know what I’m talking about. Let’s get some ears on this kid’s stuff because his sound deserves as wide of a base as possible. If we could get the fame Martin Garrix has for this one, I’d be a happy man. (via Fresh New Tracks)


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