Attend: Vitamin B’s 6 Year Spectacular ft. Tony Quattro, Wavewhore & Gustolabs!

I am so proud of these people. Vitamin B has survived & prospered in NYC against all odds. Even though they throw parties in the House borough of a House city, on a House coast of a House country, they’ve been holding down the Breaks universe here in Gotham for what is an eternity in the NYC club scene. This institution has continued to showcase the finest talent they could get, with a following that grows every month. When I started this blog, Vitamin B was one of the first parties I covered, and I am so pleased they’ve weathered the venue closures, explosion of EDM around them and the general fuckery of NYC nightlife with grace & awesome nights. If you don’t know what you’re doing this weekend, now you do.

Tony Quattro is a freaking breaks legend. This recent RinseFM mix that he did is freaking (don’t worry, there will be one more) awesome, and I’m so (nope, not yet) glad that Vitamin B is bringing Tony Quattro back to New York Freakin’ City (there we go). The breaks are quality, never abrasive, and I found myself putting it on and leaving it on for way longer than I expect when I listen to long sets. Wavewhore pushes out a bouncey, fun sound that is brought not only to the mixes, but the original work, as the EP above reminds us. Gustolabs rounds out this insanely stacked lineup, bringing a dope, punchy backbeat-reinforced sound to The Paper Box this Saturday. Yea, that’s right, Vitamin B is on a Saturday, so you can rest up and bust out your best dance moves after the long ass work week.

I’m not sure what I can say about my Vitamin B residents that I’ve not said before (no, I write about them a lot.) tektite, Tim & Illexxandra are 3 of the most awesome people making things happen in Brooklyn these days. Their stupefyingly pervasive knowledge of tracks, samples, b-sides, VIPs and “holy crap where did you find that’s” helped forge the crowd that they’ve amassed over the last 1.5 presidential administrations. They’re being joined by Parametric, who sounds great, and Shisaa, who I assume will not disappoint.

This is a late posting, as the event is Saturday, but you owe it to yourself to make it out to a Vitamin B party if you like dance music and you live in the metropolitan area. Vitamin B is one of the last places you can hear breaks on the East Coast, and their parties are authentic sweaty, rocking, unpretentious jams. Good people, and The Paper Box is a great venue to have this blow out at. The outdoor chill space will be just cold enough to keep from getting too annoyingly packed, with the huge floor giving people room to move. Get tickets here. As Tom the robot from Toonami would say, Don’t Sleep On It.


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