Midnight Music: CAZZETTE – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix) [Future Wonderful]

CAZZETTE - Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)Incredible & bravo to Prince Fox. This track is exactly where I want Trap to go as a genre. Vintage guitars reimagined with synths, hardcore vocals and a massive but smooth droop make me want to pregame parties listening to Mega Man. This remix solidifies my “Prince Fox is on Festival lineups 2015” hypothesis. Gotta give it to This Song Is Sick for the huge premiere on this one. This is a break out tune and trap producers need to study the hell out of this one. A fresh sound, one that moves away from gimmicky beats and dumb drops. I’m a huge fan of this developing and will actively yell into the internet as often as I can to make this thing happen. One listen and you’ll agree with me.

One thought on “Midnight Music: CAZZETTE – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix) [Future Wonderful]

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