Midnight Music: Cazzette vs. Tomyayasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Cazzette vs. Tomyayasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or HumanityI’m really glad Cazzette has been stepping up in 2015. There’s a lot of great work they’ve done (hit their Soundcloud if this is news), but between the touring, shows & the salvo of sweet bootlegs, they’re skyrocketing. This stupendous electro house remix of one of the most iconic pieces of music from Kill Bill is everything you need to keep slashing through the week. There’s a retro, almost acid vibe on the house, that is totally in line with the original track by the incomparable Tomoyasu Hotei. It’s got Cazzette’s usual sky high level of production so no worries, and it’s even got a drop of Discovery-era Daft Punk in it. I expect great things from these folks & I know they won’t disappoint. It’s out May 29th so get hype and show them some love.  (via the V-man himself, Prince of Fresh New Tracks

Midnight Music: CAZZETTE – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix) [Future Wonderful]

CAZZETTE - Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)Incredible & bravo to Prince Fox. This track is exactly where I want Trap to go as a genre. Vintage guitars reimagined with synths, hardcore vocals and a massive but smooth droop make me want to pregame parties listening to Mega Man. This remix solidifies my “Prince Fox is on Festival lineups 2015” hypothesis. Gotta give it to This Song Is Sick for the huge premiere on this one. This is a break out tune and trap producers need to study the hell out of this one. A fresh sound, one that moves away from gimmicky beats and dumb drops. I’m a huge fan of this developing and will actively yell into the internet as often as I can to make this thing happen. One listen and you’ll agree with me.

Midnight Music: Cazzette ft. The High – Sleepless (Steve James Remix) [Progressive House]

Ah, August, the kids are going back to school. And in this case, also making awesome progressive remixes of a hot Cazzette track. Not exactly the standard story you expect when someone tells you about their Summer vacation. The shimmering chopped up beat is playful and shows that Steve James isn’t slacking. There’s a chic vibe to the tune but it still pushes into the anthemic territory and rides around up there. The track is easy to like and I’d be surprised if I didn’t hear this in the sets chasing the summer sunset. The original Cazzette mix is potent and this gives it even more festival recognition and viability. I’m hoping this results in greater exposure for both Steve James and Cazzette. There’s a lot to like about this progression in sound and I for one am delighted it’s happening. Big Room is dead, long live Progressive.