Midnight Music: Hayden James – Something About You [Future House]

Hayden James - Something About YouThere’s something about this track. The soothing, shimmery yet upbeat track by Hayden James caught my ear and it’s exactly what you need to get the family you’re staying with relaxed and not talking about how wacky the year was. The lyrics are issued forth competently & soulfully, while the house’y beat glistens along. It’s a fine offering from the upstart from Sydney. I’m getting into a lot of the indie bass acts out of Australia & New Zealand these days. There’s this distinctly non-EDM feel to a lot of these artists and I’m looking forward to when they breach the gates here in the USA. I’d certainly see this in a Brooklyn warehouse. And the next track on the Soundcloud “related” is Miss You Most At Night, which is le dope, so it’s got that going for it as well.

One thought on “Midnight Music: Hayden James – Something About You [Future House]

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