Midnight Music: Tycoos feat. Igor Surazakov – Back To The Past (Emotional Mix) [Trance]

I’m not sure how to describe this appropriately. Is, there a word for both gorgeous & “causes weeping” together? It ends far too soon, but it straddles the line between hard trance & dream trance in a way I’ve not heard in years. These two guys out of Russia did a fantastic job on this track, and it needs to be picked up by ASOT or FSOE immediately. I’m hoping tracks like these push the needle back towards this style of trance, as opposed to the nu trance, trouse & trance 2.0 that is filtering through. This is a deeply soothing sound, hypnotic, and quite pure trance sounding. This is what a lot of the trance classics people have been waiting for, and the break is super fulfilling.


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