Music I Forgot About: Mongolian Throat Singing + Hip Hop = Vladavostok Win.

So, many of us have heard of Tuvan Throat singing, but a friend of mine reminded me of this ridiculousness from 2008. Combining Tuvan Throat work with hip hop, this guy looks like a bad guy from a movie Kanye tricked someone into funding. The flow seems dope enough, though we all have zero idea the hell he’s talking about. The video is bizarre in that he kind of looks like Krang (from the 90’s TMNT) and then, there’s Krang graffiti in Vladavostok, Russia, 9200+ KM from Moscow. I wonder if Sarah Palin could see this dude freestylin’ from her house. Also, Kanye Sunglasses. I’m just saying.


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