Midnight Music: Archive – End Of Our Days [Indietronica]

Hat tip to The Joy of Violent Movement for becoming my go-to source for indie, alt rock, singer-songwriter, hip hop & all things that you could go hipster over. Tonight, I’ve got some dopeness from Archive, a South London group that gets it right. This group does some great work, especially balancing the organic & synthetic aspects of their production. The beats that come in halfway through the track add dimensions that I was not expecting. It’s an echoic fusion that gives me hope for the future. This is the kind of sound I keep coming back to, putting the best of both out there, for all to see. I am already terribly sad I won’t be able to catch them as they’re still only touring in the UK, but wait for them to go London Grammar on the pop world, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (via Joy Of Violent Movement)


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