Midnight Music: Rameses B ft. Veela – Mountains [Soaring Drum & Bass]

Rameses B is back on Monstercat and this track had me tore up. It’s kind of impressive when a tune can reduce you to a blubbering mess on a gray rainy Monday afternoon. The unbeatable formula of perfect builds, stupdendously positioned vocals, a tremendous back beat & a sample that comes out of nowhere wins again, as Rameses B bursts out of the gate for 2015. If this is any indication of the year that this guy is going to have, my ears are going to love 2015. This track is an immediate listen, even if it’s chock full of feels and may make things bubble inside you that you weren’t expecting. No, that’s not gas. You’re just being taken away to the world of liquid d&b made by one of the best. Veela doesn’t disappoint so put the track in your face and tell yo friends. This one is going places, you heard it here first.


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