Midnight Music: Saje – Take Care Of You [French Chill]

Saje - Take Care Of YouIf Tropical morphs into this I really couldn’t be more happy. My girl ravelrie tipped me off to this exceptionally chill track by Saje, a French artist of impressive skill. This is textbook lush. The guitar lines, shimmering chords & soulful vocals come together in a “sunset in the summer” kind of way. You remember summer right? That thing our parents talked about, where everything wasn’t covered in ice. Sorry, got distracted, back to the delightful Frech Chill. Not only is it fantastic, but he has original album art with his releases, which showcase dreamy work from Jacqueline Maldonado. So,  total package. Get into it and enjoy!

(Bonus: ANOTHER DOPE TRACK! This one a remix of a Chris Malinchak stunner.)


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