Midweek Music: DZZ, Mobil, Win & Woo, The Kairi Collective & Priscilla Sharp

summer New week, more music! One classic, couple newbies, all quality & no bullshit. Wide variety this week, so let’s get into it!  DZZ came out of nowhere on this one. With a premiere on Nest HQ this week, DZZ is going places. This tune is at once chippy, future and melancholy. The production values are off the charts on this & the drippingly synthetic vocals are stupendous. This is my sleeper hit for the week, so get into the whole EP here.

Collectives are so hot right now. The Kairi Collective dropped this release and I couldn’t be happier that they did. This chilled vibe is unmistakeable. The glitchy, dubsteppy sounds work perfectly with the classical violin, piano and shifting chords. Really looking forward to where Pensees, Quok & Jan Amit are going with this as this effort is tremendous.

 I’m so glad Tropical has turned into an element of music production, instead of a genre of music. Just like dubstep before it, people are realizing that steel drums & sexy sax do not a song make. You still need a hook and possibly some catchy lyrics. Win & Woo have a great little ditty here, and have a soaring mainstage career in front of them as long as they do the work.

This one takes a minute to get going, but you want to give it the time it deserves. Like a girl who knows what she wants, this track takes its time and really explores a sound that’s both future & 90’s vintage. I don’t know how to describe this, except maybe if Cyndi Lauper did some K & then took some allergy meds. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s like if The Eurythmics had a Macbook to produce on. Trust me, you want to hear this. Priscilla Sharp knows what she’s doing so don’t disappoint her.

Classic trance vibe right here, and it’s from 2013. This really doesn’t need any further introduction besides it being euphoric trance that needs to be played on high volume. Mobil does amazing work here, so show it some love. And if someone can clue me into where I can get more full-length mixes of this style of trance, hit up the comments.

Midnight Music: The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (Thero Remix) [Tropical]

While good Tropical is getting few & far between, I am really digging this remix by Thero. The Chainsmokers have had the Midas touch for a while now. No matter how much you pretend to dislike Selfie, they’re everywhere, and definitely deserve it. Thero takes their latest hotness and re-envisions it as an airy, future chill track that I like more each time I listen to it. There’s a whole lot of reverb put to good use here, making the track a bit harder than most tropical tunes. This is a huge step in the right direction for a genre that seemed to be spinning its wheels a bit. The heavier throb & beat structure give the track some oomph that gives it more versatility & range. I hope he’s entering it into The Chainsmokers remix contest on Beatport, cause this kind of dope shit just might win.

Midnight Music: Mr. Big – To Be With You (Mark Chill Remix) [Retro Tropical]

Mark Chill is just in time for the Northern Hemisphere Spring. Is Tropical Trap a genre yet, because that ridiculous bed squeak sample shows up for a minute. There’s a lot of great parts to this track, and I could honestly use quite a bit more of that sing-along retro style of the remix. This kind of 80’s/90’s vibe is due in for a lot of festival moments especially with it being essentially vintage at this point. While tropical may have its clock ticking, this is something that may ride the wave out nicely down under. Let the Aussie summer never end!   (via Stoney Roads


Midnight Music: Saje – Take Care Of You [French Chill]

Saje - Take Care Of YouIf Tropical morphs into this I really couldn’t be more happy. My girl ravelrie tipped me off to this exceptionally chill track by Saje, a French artist of impressive skill. This is textbook lush. The guitar lines, shimmering chords & soulful vocals come together in a “sunset in the summer” kind of way. You remember summer right? That thing our parents talked about, where everything wasn’t covered in ice. Sorry, got distracted, back to the delightful Frech Chill. Not only is it fantastic, but he has original album art with his releases, which showcase dreamy work from Jacqueline Maldonado. So,  total package. Get into it and enjoy!

(Bonus: ANOTHER DOPE TRACK! This one a remix of a Chris Malinchak stunner.)

Midnight Music: Estiva & The Spacies – Voices (Kelvin & Lash Remix)

Estiva & The Spaces - Voices (Kevin & Lash Remix)Hey look, people are still making stuff! So, my boy Brockelbank is killing it over at EDMTunes, especially when he’s posting tracks like this. Frankly, I don’t know where this came from but I’m not entirely sure I care. Non-tropical deep, but light house. I know that was a bunch of adjectives, but it’s kind of exactly that. It’s a driving but muted beat that seems to pull from both tropical and minimal at the same time. It’s sunny, up-beat, but there are no steel drums, no random parrot sounds and it’s still got some oomph that I can hear working on a main-stage. This is definitely going to be a sleeper track used by DJs who are on festival billings in tiny fonts. While the headliners might not be into this kind of sound, if you’re playing for a couple of hundred people, or early in the day, there’s going to be some support from the crowd I wager, and to Kelvin & Lash’s credit. These two need to start working together more often, if just because Kelvin & Lash sounds like a cool cop drama with DJs.

Midnight Music: Crooked Colours – Capricious (PACES Remix) [Tropical Trap]

Crooked Colours - Capricious (Paces Remix)Is this what happens when tropical, trap & indie dance hang out? If so, I’m a fan. This track from Aussie artist Paces, is both bouncey & massive at the same time. The crooning coming in from Crooked Colours create a wistful, but energetic vibe. It’s effervescent enough that you’d be forgiven if you didn’t listen to the lyrics and missed out on the sadface topics entirely. The drop reminds us that trap can be massive without being abrasive. The steel drum remains throughout, anchoring the track in sunshine, even while the lyrics aren’t exactly positive. Great effort by PACES & can’t wait to see where they go next with this sound. (via Stoney Roads)