Shlohmo’s Music Video For “Beams” Is Everything About Being Young In NYC

I am so happy Shlomo has gone down the Daft Punk “no fucks given” track of artistic pursuit & accomplishment. We are all better for it. In keeping with the internet, I got wind of this music video from an Australian blog, though it looks to have been entirely filmed in places I travel weekly. This is the true majesty of the city, especially when you are young, irresponsible, invincible, and for a brief moment some nights, free. The track is a stupendous blend of drum beats, indie synth chords and a great twangy vibe. The track may seem brash & organic, but any fan of Shlohmo knows how exact he can be. Each sound in the song, just like each image in the video is there specifically. This kind of youthful exuberance & brash risk taking has been associated with creativity & rose-colored memories for so many for so long. Shlohmo is able to give us one of the most sophisticated looks at what that’s like, in a raw, dangerous form, in under 4 minutes. Take that Ken Burns. (via Stoney Roads)


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