Midnight Music: Backdraft – R U Ready (Part 2) [Vintage Breaks]

Tonight, we’re taking it back to the roots with a classic track that I was recently reminded exists. This is that kind of menacing breaks style that hasn’t really filtered into modern EDM. There’s this menacing feel to it that is really only captured by dark D&B and hardstyle. Dubstep tried to get this gangster, but then Skrillex’s hair ruined that for everyone. I mean, sucks to be hard in the UK at Brixton, because a lot of those cats are legit hard, but back to the point. 1:20 is potent breaks. The track has a no nonsense female vocalist that could probably kick my ass. She doesn’t want to, but she could if she had to. This is backing some serious production that, while simplistic to some of our more technically oriented listeners, there’s some solid fundamentals here that we could all do well to remember.


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