Midnight Music: Rudimental – Never Let You Go [Soulful Drum & Bass]

Rudimental - Never Let You GoRudimental is back and all is right with the world. The soulful, triumphant feel that the world fell in love with is back. The rollicking good time that hits up 45sec in is the signature sound that if they keep making, I’ll keep hyping. To know what the potential of this music is and not see it in wider American release kills me. This is the sound of a generation and we’re all better off for them being so good & well received we’re getting a 2nd album. If you’re like me, that album is already getting you hyped. The full album should be out this summer and if it’s anything like Home, we’re in for a treat. Live drum work, great vocals, throbbing bass & quality production, what more could you ask for in your drum & bass? Oh right, live trumpet! Because Rudimental does that 😀  

One thought on “Midnight Music: Rudimental – Never Let You Go [Soulful Drum & Bass]

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