Midnight Music: Lyrx – Go For The Gold (Prod. Else) [Hip Hop]

Lyrx - Go For The Gold

Lyrx – Go For The Gold

V/Man of Fresh New Tracks & the Popped app, continues to be a fountain of inspiration. New hotness for your Monday night. 32 seconds in, I’ve got the first fusion of nu disco & hip hop I’ve heard since Jurassic 5. Lyrx may have a totally new sound. Or, at least a sound that we haven’t heard since Donald Glover still had hope in his eyes. Flow is adult and intelligent, never getting too aggressive or staccato. There’s a smooth, West Coast vibe to the track & it doesn’t last too long. It’s not trying to get you to fuck bitches or get money. Though, it may remind you to go for the best. Who knows, you might just get it. Lyrx & Else are most certainly on my radar now, as the rest of the tracks on this Soundcloud are similarly fantastic.  


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