Monday Music: Hayden James, Slushii, Kinkajous, Prince Fox & Jai Wolf


EDC NY is next weekend, so to celebrate, I looked for the least retail, non-EDM I could find. It took me on a journey that I think you’ll love, so dig in!

About a year ago, SAFIA’s Embracing Me hit my filters and I needed to immediately yell about it. To his credit, Hayden James has taken a spectacular track and given it a similar, although strikingly different feel. It’s got a surprisingly peppy house beat under it. The source material is used splendidly, while the chord work remains euphoric without approaching tropical. The breakdown during the 2nd half of the tune has a summery sunset vibe to it, as the vocals flutter above. It breaks back into what would’ve been an anthem two years ago, but is totally devoid of those elements now. Hayden James does some really good work, so don’t sleep on his ish.

I totally missed the pop tune this remix is based on, and I don’t actually recommend going to look for it, as this is vastly superior to the original. Slushii‘s  Future Pop style melds with an almost Chibi sensibility, and glides along like a Porter Robinson mix when he’s in a good mood. Great sound, strong lyrics that honestly make me think That Poppy needs to be a dance music vocalist. That kind of almost spunky style is sorely lacking. Also “you’re the highlight of my lowlife” is a smart as fuck lyric that needs to be in more party people’s minds. (via Fresh New Tracks)

I don’t usually post jazz on this blog, but I had to make an exception when I heard this. It’s moody, exceptional, forward looking and perfectly mastered. When lots of high art snobs complain about the decline of the classical & jazz listening markets, I’m just going to point them at Kinkajous. This 5 piece live-act is frankly something I could listen to every day. Their previous EP is a big helping of this, so if you’re into this kind of stuff, there’s lots more for you. Thanks to Stamp The Wax for this one.

I fucking love Prince Fox so much. Ever since seeing him kill it at BangOn! last summer, he’s been one of the artists I always toss out when people ask who is up & coming in Brooklyn. Plenty of bad producers have produced this kind of sound and it never comes off correctly. Either it sounds like big room, brolectro or some weird LA pop tune. Prince Fox was able to inject some Flume-y Future Bass style vibes into a some Indie Pop that is going to find itself in dozens of sets this summer. You heard it from me first.

Jai Wolf is another one of those Soundcloud success stories that warms my cockles. Why? Tracks like this. A soft, post-EDM tune that pulls some amazing elements from indie, pop, and where the festival circuit will be by the end of the year. The Foreign Family Collective, created by ODESZA, has some amazing music on it, that you won’t hear in a lot of other places. The collective and the track are a great way to glide through your Monday.



Monday Music: WNWD, Autograf, Solstis, Lido & Wolfgang Lohr

8t5YJApril’s grinding along, if you’re flagging, rely on me. Got 5 soulful tunes for your Monday. By the time these are done, it’ll be time for lunch and you’ll deserve a break, so let’s get into it.

V continues to be one of the most important people to follow at Fresh New Tracks. WNWD coming out of Miami, taking me by total surprise. Higher has a number of electronic elements, but it’s quite different than what I expect out of South Beach. Low-key R&B for the win up in this. The vocal work hits all of the marks needed for the bass & production really shine. Great work & they earned the follow with this track, most assuredly.

Autograf has been a sleeper favorite of mine for years now. Really happy they’ve broken out of Soundcloud purgatory and arrived on the festival circuit, hitting Coachella & Euphoria Festival this month alone. This kind of moody bass might be a little chilled out for a Monday morning, but the guitar work makes up for it. It’s got a vintage Ratatat feel to it, which is a high compliment if anyone remembers their early work. Great work, can’t wait to hear basics chatting up this new Autograph band after their set in Indio at the end of the month.

Coming at you with some new (to me) talent out of Honolulu & Chicago, Solstis. Three minutes forty moves by quickly, straddling the line between Chip, Trap and Future, but never getting too big for its britches. The chorus shimmers and the underlying bass is one of the more soothing I’ve heard in a minute. It’s got an almost West Coast vibe, but it feels like it came from the dorm rooms at a tech school in Cali, if that makes sense.

Lido has hit his stride and we are all better for it. This video is a perfect indication that he’s embracing his rising star position & digging in. The signature viscous rhythm & bass vibe that we love him for is here, with lovely vocals and a surprisingly good video. This has anthem all over it, but not in a big room way. If we can get Future Bass & Chilltrap to the mainstage this year, I’ll be a very happy man.

Rounding out the tunes today is an edit by one German electroswing DJ, of an original tune by another German electroswing DJ. I had no idea the stuff ran so deep in Germany, but this is jolly dope. The hustle is warm, the piano on-point, and the progression really lends itself to some infectious booty shaking. It’s hard to resist this one, and it’s good for all ages. The German vocals are oddly relaxing, while the pacing doesn’t let up. Drop this into a wedding reception & watch people of all ages jump up and down. Great work Wolfgang, keep it up!

Midnight Music: Lyrx – Go For The Gold (Prod. Else) [Hip Hop]

Lyrx - Go For The Gold

Lyrx – Go For The Gold

V/Man of Fresh New Tracks & the Popped app, continues to be a fountain of inspiration. New hotness for your Monday night. 32 seconds in, I’ve got the first fusion of nu disco & hip hop I’ve heard since Jurassic 5. Lyrx may have a totally new sound. Or, at least a sound that we haven’t heard since Donald Glover still had hope in his eyes. Flow is adult and intelligent, never getting too aggressive or staccato. There’s a smooth, West Coast vibe to the track & it doesn’t last too long. It’s not trying to get you to fuck bitches or get money. Though, it may remind you to go for the best. Who knows, you might just get it. Lyrx & Else are most certainly on my radar now, as the rest of the tracks on this Soundcloud are similarly fantastic.  

Midnight Music: TÂCHES – Prints Of Whales (ft. PB Kaya) [Deep House]

TACHES - Prints Of Whales (ft. PB Kaya)I don’t post a lot of Deep House on this blog. It’s not because I dislike the genre, as you’ll see me at deep & tech house parties pretty much weekly in Gotham. When it comes to house, I prefer sets & I don’t much keep up with individual tracks. I had to make an exception when I came across this. TÂCHES creates a soothing, spacey house track that needs to be purchased by every DJ friend of mine in the city. The deep, modern vibe is exactly what I needed to keep chugging through this week and if you need a pick me up, I know this will help.  If I don’t hear this at least once in the next month at Verboten, I’m going to be seriously disappointed. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: Coleman Hell – Thumbalina

Tonight, I’m keeping the indie presence here going with this fun little ditty out of Mr. Coleman Hell from Toronto. While I really expected leather, this guy’s got a great sound and so much energy. This kind of upbeat, hopeful, optimistic sound is exactly what you need on Monday night. The lyrics are smart, romantic and may give you a reason to  think that you’ll find someone after that last trainwreck. It’s effervescent and that is coming from the old, cynical grumpy Gotham cat himself. It’s entirely difficult to get me to smile this much, so props to Mr. Hell. Can we please get Mr. Hell to be a metal/emo/brutal side project? I mean, probably for my own amusement but it could work? (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: Adventure Club – Wonder (Giordani Remix)

Adventure Club - Wonder (Giordani Remix)I remember when I got hooked on Adventure Club after I heard some of their earlier remixes and couldn’t get enough of their sound. It seems the circle is now complete, as I’m now finding the cream of the crop by seeing who has the chops to remix Adventure Club singles. 1:25 into this track, Giordani gets your attention and never lets it go. This half trap, half footwork, all chill re-envisioning of Wonder by the dynamic duo deserves all of the praise Fresh New Tracks & whoever else besides me found it and posted it out. There’s a serious return to un-grimey bass, while keeping the vibe and the big room feel of the original intact. Sit up & pay attention, this Canadian is gonna be on your radar by the end of festival season, you heard it here first. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: Funkerman – Coming Home [Funky House]

Funkerman - Coming Home (Original Mix)This continues the good feelings for Midnight Music this week, with the V-man himself reminding me that funky house is far from dead. This track by Funkerman is already ancient in EDM blog time, but I wanted to make sure it got some love here, as he’s been blowing up quickly. And deservedly so, with the talent & foresight required to bring this track into the world. The funky house starts up and doesn’t quit, as the classic sample echoes through the track. It’s a glorious return to a sound I haven’t heard in too long. If 2015 brings back the world of funky deep house, I’d be a very happy man indeed. Check it out and don’t forget to give FNT some love for the pick up a month ago.

Midnight Music: Myrone – Kinda Epic ft. Azeem [80’s Electro/Anthem Synth]

MYRONE - KINDA EPICSweet Jam Alert! This slapping bass track is here just in time for self-tying shoes, hoverboards & the ridiculousness that was 80’s futurism. Azeem pushes out some amazing vocal work, with some retro synth guitar coming up behind like a soundtrack interlude in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Beverly Hills Cop. The high energy sound that seems to split the difference between electro & 80’s synth rock is fantastic, and I’ve gotta give it up to Myrone for it. It’s a great little interlude that will get your week off to an amazing start. (via FreshNewTracks)


ENFERNO’s Live Mix Of 3005 Needs Gambino’s Attention

ENFERNO, master of the live mix, dropped a gorgeous rework of 3005, one of the ill joints from Childish Gambino. This guy has been making “press play” DJs look awful for years now, and he’s no stranger to hip hop. The future bass edition of 3005 needs to be featured in a live show as soon as possible. The live edition shows just how much it takes to really make some of the music we’ve come to expect, but right in front of your face. You can score a free download of the track over at Audiomack, so there’s even that going for it. Really, what’s not to like? Hat tip to Vman from Fresh New Tracks for this tip, as always.

Midnight Music: Rook Milo – Bodyroll [Soulful Bass]

V-Man of FNT bringing the fire once again. This “Bodyroll” by Rook Milo is fresh. The synthed vocals pushed out over the the irregular bass backend creates a minimal but massive tune. There almost sinister vibe that Rook Milo is able to capture at 1:45 is a great sign that there’s a lot more awesome sounds to come from this kid. It’s not only sexy, but can also add to the hard vibe of a set if it’s set up correctly. A crew of strings assist the bass in giving the track an orchestral quality that I don’t hear in bass music much these days, so kudos to Rook Milo for injecting that into this. (via FreshNewTracks)