Monday Music: Wayvee, Pensees, Mazde, Jerry Folk & IsGoods

New week, new tunes! Hope the long weekend is treating you well if you’re off. If you’re working on this Presidents Day Monday, turn on, tune in & drop out.
Wayvee‘s Recovery EP is a lilting, chilled melodic future footwork feature. The reworking of the classical music is something you hear every so often, but it’s rarely this good. The soft operatic melody above the future bass & footwork is a treasure that you need in your life right now.

Pensees misted into my awareness last week, one of those artists you almost don’t notice if you’re not paying attention. The melodic chill is expertly produced, creating an aural landscape you don’t much hear in the USA outside of artists like Haven, glo & a couple of others. It’s evocative while faintly nostalgic, so put it on and drift off. If you can’t get enough of this sound, hit up the bandcamp for 5 more releases in the same chilled out vein.

Mazde has popped up on my radar a couple of times over the last year or two, but this track really brought his talents into light. The German remixed Rufus, pulling from the recent “Bloom.” It’s a powerful track that mixes melancholy, indie & some exceptional chord work. Take a look at this guy if you’re looking for music that’s hopeful without being saccharine.

Jerry Folk & ELOQ came out of nowhere on this one. The half indietronica, half future bass vibes on this are undeniable. There’s also a touch of the relaxed west coast feels we’re starting to see with the Future scene out in LA & SF. Great work, definitely legit effort, and earned a spot on my radar.

Closing out the post with a 2 piece EP from Isgoood. I don’t usually post seemingly standard House because I’ve got a pretty high bar for that genre, as I primarily dance out of doors in NYC to it. This kind of classic vibe is my exception. Done impeccably, the production perfectly captures the SoHo bar, filled with fashionable people who know their house & rock their own style. Props once again to V for always dropping quality on FreshNewTracks, as because of him, I can bring it to you all.

Midnight Music: Lyrx – Go For The Gold (Prod. Else) [Hip Hop]

Lyrx - Go For The Gold

Lyrx – Go For The Gold

V/Man of Fresh New Tracks & the Popped app, continues to be a fountain of inspiration. New hotness for your Monday night. 32 seconds in, I’ve got the first fusion of nu disco & hip hop I’ve heard since Jurassic 5. Lyrx may have a totally new sound. Or, at least a sound that we haven’t heard since Donald Glover still had hope in his eyes. Flow is adult and intelligent, never getting too aggressive or staccato. There’s a smooth, West Coast vibe to the track & it doesn’t last too long. It’s not trying to get you to fuck bitches or get money. Though, it may remind you to go for the best. Who knows, you might just get it. Lyrx & Else are most certainly on my radar now, as the rest of the tracks on this Soundcloud are similarly fantastic.  

Midnight Music: Tune Crew ft. Silver Medallion – Racecar Driver [Electro]

Tune In Crew has pushed out some surprisingly quality tunes as of late, so I wanted to take tonight and push some electro into your face. That’s right, not only is electro still around, it’s not even BroLectro these days either. This extended mix is exactly what you want from the EDM at shows. It’s got a a progressive edge to it, while maintaining a strong vocal lead. The use of male vocals continues to win all over the place, and whoever is writing their lyrics needs more work. Some of this stuff is just perfect. Check out a quote below:

You’re just a princess in Xanax land, with an uptown apartment & a master plan.
We make out on the rooftop, heartbreak and small talk, save all our change and feed it to the jukebox.

That’s some summer pop right there, infused with some potent backbeats and a 4 to the floor driving bassline that is slightly more bouncy than I thought it would be. This makes for a tune that needs buckets of support, especially in NYC/LA (via FreshNewTracks)