Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Floatinurboat

I promised you that I’d dig deep to find the best emerging talent from all over the world, and floatinurboat is exactly the artist I created this blog to promote. The smooth, effortlessness of his production jives with a sonic aesthetic that would be right at home in a Porter Robinson or Madeon set. Someone tell Porter we’ve found a new opener for him, at least, once he’s old enough to get into the club!
my face1. When did you start producing? Did you play any instruments before you started?
I first started producing when I was around 14, my dad got me FL11 and I just completely fell in love with the program and producing. I wasn’t completely new to music though because I had been playing piano for 10 years at the time (now 12).

2. How do you make these incredible sounds?
First of all, thank you very much for the kind words. Music to me is everything, the sound of the wind, things falling, people talking etc so it really inspires me to just create music from anything so it’s mainly just re-sampling and a lot of fx work such as reverb and distortion. I really like being able to grab one sound and create something completely different and my own with it.

3. Have you played any live sets yet at clubs or parties?
No I’m due to my age and lack of ‘popularity’ I haven’t played anywhere yet. I’ve also been swamped with school work for the past year which has put me back from trying to go out and get booked.

4. What is the Glasgow dance music scene like? Are your mates into your sound?
There is like an underground music scene but mainly everyone here likes your basic af EDM. However there’s a large portion of people who like nightcore but are to embarrassed to admit it. I have one friend that recently opened up to me saying that my music has helped him a lot and that motivated me immensely but apart from that the people I know don’t actually listen to my music.

5. Any favorite synths, plug-ins or other production add-ons that you couldn’t live without?
I can’t live without NI Massive or Harmor. They’re my favorite plugins but recently I’ve gotten serum and a few other plugins (jp6k and gladiator 2) and I’ve really began to fall in love with them. I really like using a variety of plugins when creating a song because I enjoy the diversity of each one.

6. When do we get your first mix online?!
Hopefully soon, I currently lack the finance to get the proper equipment however I am planning on investing into it. I really want to make one and showcase my music and the songs I love.  7. Who are your influences? Who do you look up to in the music world that your sound was forever changed by?
I struggle to answer this question since there are so many songs that inspire me but if I had to pick any artists that consistently put out music that just blows me away it would have to be Stephen, EDEN, Crywolf, Rustie and Virtual Riot which are probably my biggest influences as they’re so creative and have a very distinct sound. Definitely one of my favourite songs would have to be Crywolf – Neverland (MiTiS remix) which is such a beautiful and powerfully emotional track that I still can’t get enough of.

8. If you could open for anyone, who would it be?
Such a difficult question haha, but probably Alison wonderland just because I love the energy and atmosphere in her shows.

9. What is it like being a teen in 2016? Are you actually on SnapChat as often as all those think-pieces say you are?
I hate to be a stereotype but yeah I’m on snapchat quite a lot actually (it’s just ‘floatinurboat’ if anyone want to add me haha) because for me, it’s the easiest and quickest way to communicate with people because of it’s simplicity.

10. What do you have in store for 2016? An EP? Possibly a live booking?
Well actually I currently do have an EP planned but I have no idea when it’d to be release or even completed because I wanted it to be as real and as perfect as possible. Also I have a bunch of collabs and remixes scheduled to be released 😉

Bonus: Favourite Track of 2016 so far?


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