Midnight Music: Adventure Club – Wonder (Giordani Remix)

Adventure Club - Wonder (Giordani Remix)I remember when I got hooked on Adventure Club after I heard some of their earlier remixes and couldn’t get enough of their sound. It seems the circle is now complete, as I’m now finding the cream of the crop by seeing who has the chops to remix Adventure Club singles. 1:25 into this track, Giordani gets your attention and never lets it go. This half trap, half footwork, all chill re-envisioning of Wonder by the dynamic duo deserves all of the praise Fresh New Tracks & whoever else besides me found it and posted it out. There’s a serious return to un-grimey bass, while keeping the vibe and the big room feel of the original intact. Sit up & pay attention, this Canadian is gonna be on your radar by the end of festival season, you heard it here first. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: ViLLAGE’s Soulful Remix of Lullabies by Adventure Club ft. Luna

ViLLAGE was one of a smattering of artists that have gotten me through a very tough time. This track & the Takeover EP listed below have this tragic but beautiful feel to them. Lullabies was one of the gems that came out of the collaboration between Adventure Club & Yuna. If you haven’t heard Gold by the two of them, change that.

The muffled nature of the vocal samples implies that night when you saw your ex after long enough. Or, you thought it had been long enough. Get at both the track & the EP, and show Origami Sound, ViLLAGE’s bleeding-edge label, some love as well.

Midnight Music: T-Mass Hits A Home Run Remixing Adventure Club!

If you look up “Producers that need to get signed with OWSLA” in the dictionary, you’ll find T-Mass. Top Notch Production? Check. Agile Social Media Sense? Check. Ability to produce in like 4 different genres? Check-a-mundo. This remix of Wonder by Adventure Club is a fantastic demonstration of what this guy is capable of. Then hit up his Soundcloud and put some more bass into your face.