Mix Of The Week: Bixel Boys – F/W Mixtape [Heartache Bass]

BIXEL BOYSThis week, I’m bringing out this melancholy gorgeousness issued forth by BIXEL BOYS. These guys have been all over the place in 2014, and for this mix they brought things down a little bit. This mix has a lot of chillstep, garage, downtempo, moody breaks and interludes of people sucking at love, which matches the feel completely. There is no track list, so the tunes will remain largely a secret, but I’m hoping I start hearing them elsewhere. I love misty, cold rain mixes like this. In so much EDM there’s this saccharine exposition of love, unity, hope and positivity. That’s not really the case for a lot of people in the scene, and these kinds of vibes, like what Ta-ku does as well, really need some more support. Sometimes we’re in a place where something like this is needed. The hashtag of #Feels is totally on point, and this free download is definitely something that you should grab. This is going on my phone and may not leave. Not all of us get good news during the holidays, so for anyone out there who is hard up this week, this is here for you.

First Vape & EDM Partnership is here.

It seems that the e-cig industry has finally grown to such a distinguished size that it’s starting to knock on the door of EDM to sell intoxicants to the young. A series of DJs are being employed to get people hyped about an admittedly decent idea. A combination iphone case & vaporizer. Because that was a market gap you weren’t high enough to come up with. I’m not really going to comment on the video because the obvious misogyny & poor shot choices speak for themselves. However, the lineup for podcasts includes 12th Planet, BORGEOUS, Griz, Bixel Boys & Rif Raff. Enjoy the tunes, and if you buy one, DEFINITELY comment on whether it sucks or not. (via FreshNewTracks)