Midnight Music: Blackmill & Mt. Eden – Now [Dream Bass]

Blackmill & Mt Eden - NowI have been waiting literally years for this. Blackmill has created some of the most gorgeous, symphonic & ambient music in the last 5 years. Then one day, Blackmill went dark, so the people waited. And waited. And now, thanks to Mt. Eden (who deserve a medal for making this happen), there’s new snowy goodness just in time for the holiday season. This is on the lighter side for Mt. Eden, which speaks volumes to the respect they have to Blackmill’s vision. The chilled ambient is exceptional, and will give you a moment to come into the present moment. Don’t worry about the future, just be here in the Now. For as long as the song lasts anyway. Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it.

Midnight Music: Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix) [Chilled, Lush House]

An amazing friend from Boston turned me onto this SOHN, and I’m kind of super totes thankful. The lush, chilled vibes SOHN puts out is really something, and this remix of Disclosure’s moody hit “Help Me Lose My Mind” prove they can play with the big boys. This soothing but infectious vision of what Disclosure can sound like is right up my alley, and I think you’re going to dig it a lot.

Midnight Music: Cocoon – Cathedral (Dinnerdate Remix) [Indietronica]

The moment that the guitars came in a little over a minute into the tune, I knew I had to make it tonight’s Midnight Music. Dinnerdate remixed this tune by Cocoon, giving it this indie house reworking that could not be more successful. There’s a groovy chillness to the tune that manages to stay upbeat without getting loud or in your face. I’m a huge fan of this style of music, which I’ve dubbed “Indietronica” over the years, and I can’t wait for the pop music engine to shift away from big room crassy house into this more melodic, artistic and acoustic sound. If that makes any sense. If it doesn’t, hit the tune below and show them some love on Hype MachineTwitter and Soundcloud.

Midnight Music: London Grammar – Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me (LCAW Remix) [Relaxed & Deep]

The mark of a potent artist is one that not only generates original work, but seeds remixes all over the world. London Grammar has been killing it in that department with remixes from Arty, Bonobo & a dozen more found in even the most casual search. Tonight, I bring you a chilled out, tribal drum featuring remix of “Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me.”  LCAW slows it down and gives the melancholy vocals a halo effect that’s hard to forget. Wind down and remember, you made it to Friday. Check out LCAW & see London Grammar if you ever have the chance.

Crowdfunding Project of Note – Rameses B

Every once and a while I try and collect a few different crowd funding projects that deserve a signal boost, and this time around we’ve got an album that I can’t wait to hear.

Rameses B is one of my favorite artists, and ever since discovering him in 2012, I’ve been struck by his inventive, symphonic & modern compositions, with production chops to match. I can’t wait to hear what this album sounds like and I know the $$ will go to a great cause. He always drops tracks & mixes on Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp for free so I’m happy to support. You should too. Check out his Soundcloud below as well to get a better idea of who you’re supporting and why.

Midnight Music: Soular Order’s Sweet Remix Of “Moments of Silk” By Jay Rodger

I have been a fan of Soular Order for (I actually get to say it!) years now, and the quality of their offerings never drops. Smooth chilled & gorgeous production values throughout tune after tune. I saw this Bandcamp EP featuring them, and as usual, their remix is superior to the original track. While the EP is nice and all, the Soular Order track really shines. Listen to it and check out the rest of Soular Order’s work here.

Midnight Mix: NO.SLEEP – Mix.01

If you’re looking for quality, chilled beats with a dash of ethereal and cloudy production values, I cannot recommend Odesza enough. The EP I listed is a great proof of their original work, but they’ve also started doing a great podcast featuring random hotness, linked above. Check em both out, and if you’re struggling for something to do on Valentine’s Day  hit up the show at Best Buy Theater where they’re opening for Emanicpator and you can hit up surprisingly cheap tickets here.

Midnight Music: Jacoo Issues A Gorgeous Post-Rock, Chill Tune Featuring Alan Watts.

Tonight, I’m giving up a mellow, vibe-y tune that the ethereal & fey Jacoo dropped over the weekend. “Watching You Breathe” uses one of my favorite vocal samples of all time, taken from one of Alan Watts’ famous series of lectures on the mind, life and the ideas of death and rebirth. It’s some far out stuff man, if you pick up what I’m laying down. Smooth ambient vibes, excellent sampling & some amazing modifications to the sound. Get at it, and check out some of the rest of Jacoo’s stuff. Talent rises, and it’s totally what’s needed to round out the weekend, if you’re still fighting the eventual Monday.