Monday Music: Disclosure, Kuren, Miike Snow, Cruel Youth & Mikael Seifu

This week, Monday Music is global once again! From the UK to Australia to Ethiopia, I’ve got a bunch of slickly produced, dope tunes that have been begging for your attention all weekend. Don’t leave them hanging ok?
First up, direct from Disclosure, a new VIP rework of Nocturnal. If you’ve seen them live you might be lucky enough to have heard this version, but it’s definitely a rare play for the rest of us. Not a whole lot to say about the UK Garage House savants that are Disclosure so, enjoy!

Kuren has been on my radar for a minute, steadily producing chill vibes of the highest quality. The wunderkind from down under re-imagined Better by BANKS and his signature style, infusing soulful and melodic elements into Aussie Bass & Future Trap, is in full effect here. Great start to 2016 for Kuren and this will be his year, you watch.
Miike Snow exists on the quieter, eclectic side of indietronica in my opinion. They’ve got an almost Royksopp-sound to them when they want, but are successful enough that they can get away with high concept videos like this. The timelapse creation process of the eventual symbol/animal the band is known for is a meditative, almost soothing experience. Put it on when you need to take a breath but still keep pushing forward. by
This track hit my feeds care of Stamp The Wax, a cheeky UK music blog I follow. While the first 1:45 may seem a bit pedestrian, skip ahead or stick with it. 1:50 pulls into a surprisingly powerful deep groove using ethnic Ethiopian instruments and some powerful composition. It’s a much better track at that point and stays that way for the rest of the 6 minute odyssey. Very forward looking, while being something I would have literally never come across otherwise. Kudos to RVNG Intl. & Stamp The Wax for making sure I didn’t miss this.

Fresh New Tracks turned me onto Cruel Youth over the weekend, and I couldn’t stop myself from insta-sharing the track. This new sound is spectacular. Cruel Youth made me go look up what drug she’s referring to in the track, and it turns out, (Mr.) Watson is another word for hydrocodone & opiate pills. It’s got a serious Amy Winehouse tragic pop vibe. I really hope we can get to this one before they die of a heroin overdose. She’s going to be a star, and when it happens, you’ll know Fresh New Tracks & I called it.

Midnight Music: Disclosure – White Noise (Baiji Refix) [DeepTrap]

artworks-000113976770-rrbad7-t500x500Well this one came out of left field. Props to Stoney Roads for the tip on this, the artist has under 25 twitter followers & isn’t even on Facebook at the time of writing. This has been on repeat all day, forcing me to track this new artist down. White Noise was a hauntingly good track by Disclosure & MNEK if you don’t remember, but this refix by Baiji is unheard of. The molasses pace, the deep, soulful honoring of the original vocals, and a general turn down to chill vibe is exactly what’s needed as festival season heats up here and the tracks get bigger and bigger. This alternative, relaxed attitude has definitely got him on my radar. And apparently, if you actually go through & adopt a dolphin, Baiji will buy you Chipotle. So, put this into your face as you finish out your 420.

Midnight Music: Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix) [Chilled, Lush House]

An amazing friend from Boston turned me onto this SOHN, and I’m kind of super totes thankful. The lush, chilled vibes SOHN puts out is really something, and this remix of Disclosure’s moody hit “Help Me Lose My Mind” prove they can play with the big boys. This soothing but infectious vision of what Disclosure can sound like is right up my alley, and I think you’re going to dig it a lot.